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Tuesday,  02/18/14  09:13 PM


Scott "Dilbert" Adams shoots, scores!



Tuesday,  02/18/14  10:00 PM

Fluffy watches snowboard crossStill enjoying the Olympics.  A magnificent diversion from everyday life.

My cat loves Snowboard cross ... and I agree with him :)

Jorrit Bergsma wins men's 10,000m speedskatingIn other Olympic news, the Dutch continue to sweep speedskating; their latest dominance was in the men's 10,000m.  The only suspense was which Dutch skater would win; the rest of the field was literally lapped.  (For the record, it was Jorrit Bergsma, shown at left.)  Much has been made of the comparatively slow ice in Sochi ... partially due to the rink being at sea level, adjacent to a large body of water.  I would imagine *every* rink in the Netherlands is as sea level, adjacent to a large body of water, so maybe the Dutch skaters are "at home"?

Based solely on their dominance of one sport, the little Netherlands is atop the Sochi leaderboard, with 20 medals overall, ahead of the US, Russia, and Germany.  Go Oranje!

Much as we celebrate the victors, the Olympics also highlights Cold Reality.  "Figure skater Jocelyn Cox got closer than most, but that didn't bring her much comfort."  I was struck by this when a Dutch skater noted that winning the Dutch Olympic trials in speedskating is more difficult than winning the Olympics, there are that many great skaters who don't make the team.

Skeleton!So: Why is Luge faster than Skeleton?  Short answer: it's the runners.  I will say they are equally terrifying!

Wonder what it would look like if you rode on a curling stone?  Here you go.

Meanwhile: David Attenborough narrates curling.  It's mysterious but cool.

Jeff Atwood considers complaint-driven development.  Aka, listen to your users.  Of course, you can't listen to all your users, because some of them are wrong ... so knowing which ones to listen to is a real trick.

from the Lego movie: Everything is AwesomeEverything is awesome!  The world's most catchy tune, from good-but-not-quite-awesome Lego movie...

If a time traveler saw a cellphone ... they "would conclude that, in the past century, the human race achieved a new level of superintelligence."  And we have, at least collectively!

Oh, and I haven't read this, but it seems like a great article: People don't always read the articles they share.


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