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how to choose a wine

Sunday,  02/09/14  11:09 PM


Important work.

I've tested this by verifying a few of the threads:
Personal -> home -> alone -> recovering from work = Pinot Noir
Personal -> on the go -> restaurant -> fancy -> new world -> no cult = California Cabernet



Sunday,  02/09/14  11:30 PM

Another quiet day of coding and watching the Olympics... if only it was cold and rainy all the time, I'd get so much work done over a weekend!

So Dutch speed skater Ireen Wust has three-peated as Olympic champion in the 5,000m.  Excellent.  And it led to some of the wust puns ever, as the commentators forecast the wust competition of the games.  Each of her laps was wust than the previous one.  When she won, it was absolutely the wust victory.  Some of the wust sportscasting I've heard :) 

TechCrunch: you'd be surprised by what really motivates users.  Interesting but I must confess, not all that surprising.  People want recognition from other people they care about.  I've been thinking about this a lot in the context of visual search... 

Cross-post: Learning object segmentation

I'm a sucker for this: Stunning photos of Mars from NASA's Curiosity Rover.  Which one is your favorite?  Mine is the compound selfie self-portrait at right, made from dozens of different exposures.  This is a real picture of a real rover on Mars, taken by itself.  Now how cool is that? 

PS must say, I like Forbes, man is their website over-designed

Jerry Brown is trying to will California's high-speed rail into existence.  That would be great.  But it takes more than will, it takes money and good engineering, and the state doesn't seem to have either one. 

Here we have a Lego R2D2.  Way cool.  Should have been in the Lego movie :) 

Did you see this?  Bill Gates spends entire first day back in office trying to install Windows 8.1.  And he wasn't able to do it.  More telling to me was the fact that he didn't already have it installed.  [ Update: this was parody!  Who knew?

Speaking of MobileSoft (we were): GigaOm posts an analysis of Windows Azure's strengths and weaknesses.  This could be the key to their recovery.  It most definitely will not be Windows. 



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