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as you like it

Saturday,  12/04/10  10:22 PM

Tonight I had the wonderful privilege of watching my daughter Megan star as Rosalind in Oaks Christian School's production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It".

I must tell you, she was wonderful; she has a real talent for the stage. Her big smile and expressive eyes and dramatic gestures with long limbs work to her advantage, and she took over the play.  I’m biased but she *was* great.

In addition to performing the lead role, at the conclusion of the performance Meg led the cast in introducing the technicians and stagehands, and the teachers who made it possible.

Afterward the whole cast retired to Chili's for a party, including copious amounts of ice cream and cake.

A perfect way to celebrate my extended birthday :)

The entire production was amazing; I was honestly astonished at the polish and sophistication of the actors, technicians, and stagehands in this middle school play.  It was way past "fun to watch your kid" and well into "great entertainment".  A tribute to the teachers and the school as well as the kids.



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