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Thursday,  07/01/10  10:23 PM

I am in a great mood tonight!  After a good day in which I accomplished quite a lot, and for the first time in a long time I did my Kessel Run - a stiff 40 mile ride from Dana Point harbor down to Camp Pendleton and back.  Afterward I drove up PCH through Laguna Beach, it was the nicest evening imaginable, people roaming the art galleries, wine glasses in hand, ... was strongly tempted to join them :)

Arjen Robben leads the Dutch against BrazilAnd so now I go into ... ta da ... SPORTS FAN mode!  First up tomorrow morning we have the big World Cup match between the Netherlands and Brazil - Go Oranje!  I plan to get up early and watch pseudo-live, because I have too many friends and colleagues who will give me the score; I must stay away from my computer and phone. 

And then Saturday is the Prologue of the Tour de France!  The next three weeks are the high point of cycling fanship.  Go Lance Go Levi Go Radio Shack!  Stay tuned for my witty and insightful commentary...

And Sunday I am sailing, participating in the Westlake Yacht Club's annual 'Round the Island race.  You may remember that Westlake Island features a *low* bridge - too low for any sailboat to pass under - so capsizing and swimming your boat underneath are part of the competition.  An excellent way to celebrate the Fourth!

Quick update on my addiction: today I ate *zero* M&Ms, despite stopping for a Coke on my way home.  It was really hard but I am oh-so-proud of myself for resisting :)

blooming Agave!The source of Vitamin T: great blooming Agave!  Did you know they only bloom once in their lives?  A beautiful picture of a wonderful plant :)

Tesla roadster v2.5So Tesla successfully went public, and released v2.5 of their roadster, in a fetching black and red.  Excellent.

Wired explains how multitasking works on iPhone, Android, and WebOs.  Interesting that on the iPhone apps in the background do not keep running.  So it is more like a fast save-and-restore than true multitasking.

Scott "Dilbert" Adams considers self-programming, in a rather interesting think piece.  "If you look at a stack of weights in a gym, do you see heavy objects that would be unpleasant to lift, or an interface for reprogramming your own mood?"

An important article published in the American Journal of Pathology: Red wine may protect vision.  See!  I knew there was a reason I love it...  "Resveratrol is one of the active, non-alcoholic ingredients in red wine.  It comes from the pulp of grapes used to make wine and has some of the highest levels of antioxidants found in nature.  Among its believed health benefits are increasing heart health, fighting cancer and delaying the aging process."

This is a great idea (and really cool): Facebook's new photo tagging feature selects friends for you.  I have a friend who's camera does this; don't know how sophisticated the algorithm has to be (select skin colored pixels in an oval shape?) but it's a great idea.  Will encourage more photo uploading and tagging which seems to be one of the main drivers for Facebook traffic.  Also as has been pointed out, when you get a notice that you've been tagged in a photo, 100% of the time, you will click through...

Steve Jobs with an AppleTVWe'll see about this: Apple hopes to reenter the living room.  We love our AppleTV but I must admit I don't know anyone else who even has one; it has not taken off like some other Apple products.  The combination of price and ease of use and compelling features just isn't there...  (for me it was much cheaper to buy an AppleTV than to keep paying Blockbuster late charges!)

Well I'm off...  fXf for the big game tomorrow morning, see you tomorrow afternoon!


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