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Monday,  05/03/10  11:00 PM

Greetings y'all...  quite a  l o n g  day today and so you may ask yourself, why is he blogging?  But that's not the right question, is it?  No... the right question is, why isn't he blogging more...

I have a little ethical dilemma for you... say you have a friend, a good friend, who recommends a band.  Say you download some of their music and find that it sucks.  (For you it sucks; of course for your friend, it doesn't; suckiness is relative.)  Okay now your friend asks if you liked it.  Do you tell the truth ("your band sucks, I can't even believe you like that crap"), or do you tell a little white lie ("yeah it was interesting, need to listen to it a bit more"), or do you politely decline to respond ("huh, can't really remember, I'll check it out again")? 

And so Apple is shutting down Lala.  " was never really clear how Lala’s streaming Web-based music model was going to fit into the Apple iTunes universe."  So they bought Lala just to take them off the market?  Huh.  Maybe someone should start Lala2?  It was a pretty nice service!



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