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more luckiness

Tuesday,  04/20/10  04:50 PM

A bit more regarding being lucky; with full recognition that nothing is unluckier than acting like you know how to be lucky or anything at all about luck.  Even saying so is unlucky.  But you guys are interested (I got a lot of email), so...  I'm going to take a chance.  Probably after this post I will have no luck whatsoever; (man, the things I do for you...)

Being lucky seems to involve hard work, preparation, and persistence.  Confidence is good but cockiness is bad, and at no time should you rely on luck.  Skill seems orthonal to luck, it can cut both ways; being lucky seems to have more to do with knowing your skill level and how you project it than the skill level itself.  A sense of amazement when things go well is helpful, as is a sense of amusement when things do not.

The other day I wrote: Be one with your surroundings, go with the flow, have good kharma.  Now I want to add: self-awareness is at the core of luck.  Knowing yourself, being realistic about yourself, and working to improve yourself are probably the best things you can do to be lucky.

PS please tell me what you think; this is one post for which I wish I had comments on my blog :)


Tuesday,  04/20/10  10:23 PM

A wild and wacky day, whew.  Roller coaster.  Many things in progress.  Working ten threads in parallel.  Give me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference!

Coachella, live: three days of excellent music and amazing fun...Coachella: 3 days of Music, Mayhem, and Amazing Spectacle.  Ah man, I wish I could have gone.  Just would have been so fun.  These are the kinds of things, in the wake of getting hit by a car, that I'm trying to do, instead of not do.  Maybe next year...

H.I.M.So, I see this week HIM are playing at the House of Blues in San Diego, on Thursday night.  HIM!  Do you even know how great they are?  (If not, you must immediately seek them out and listen; they are awesome...)  Hey, I want to go...

Dave Winer: What comes after location?  His answer, a vector, as in applications which know which way you're moving as well as where you are.  A lot of GPS apps already do this; my Sprint phone's nav app does, for example...

Reidel stemware; does make your wine taste betterSalon points out Good glasses make wine taste better.  At first you might think this isn't true, it is marketing hype, but I've done head-to-head comparisons and I've convinced myself it is true.  Give me a nice Reidel Burgundy glass for my Sea Smoke, please.

meta-parody: Hitler tries a DMCA takedownHitler in the news; as you know, YouTube pundits have long had a field day with that final scene from Downfall, where Hitler learns that he's going to lose.  It's subtitled already, and all you have to do is change the subtitles for brilliant parody.  And so know the company that owns the rights to that movie are issuing takedown notices!  How silly / tone-deaf / stupid of them, and not to mention, this sort of excerpt totally falls within fair use.  Here's a meta-parody, Hitler tries a DMCA takedown :)


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