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week of 2/8/10, redux

Friday,  02/12/10  06:54 PM

Man, a long week.  Many meetings and many meals, some of them excellent :)  Okay onward into the weekend, but first a quick filter pass...

Jason Kottke notes Einstein's amazing year of 1905: "In 1905, Einstein came up with the concept of special relativity, published his paper on the photoelectric effect, finished his doctoral dissertation, devised the E=mc^2 concept, published a paper on Brownian motion, was approved for his doctorate, and turned 26."  Yeah, so what have you been up to?

Mandelbrot set "deep zoom"A rather spectacular "deep zoom" into the Mandelbrot set.  Wow.  Every time you see something like this, you're struck anew by the extreme awesomeness of this mathematical object.  Pure cool.

space shuttle nighttime launchA nighttime launch of the space shuttle, captured on film by nomadic amateurs.  Amazing.  (Although I must say, this video cleanly violates the inverted pyramid rule :)  Weird to think that we aren't going to have any more shuttle launches, what will take their place?  Oh yeah...

SpaceX Falcon 9 on launch padSpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket is ready for takeoff at Cape Kennedy.  A very cool photo sequence.  Can't wait for the inaugural flight!

space shuttle Endeavor's "Millennium Falcon" view of EarthOne last hurrah for the shuttle: the Endeavor shows the "Millennium Falcon" view of Earth, wow.  Check out the whole slide show, rather amazing sequence.  Almost expect to see Chewy in this picture, don't we?

Dave Winer: What's wrong with Google Buzz.  Just about everything seems to be wrong with it; hard to read anything nice.  Seems they misfired pretty badly with this product.

Oh, and he's actually posted morning coffee notes!  Yay.  Noted by me while drinking my morning coffee :)  I think my blogging style owes much to Dave's...  he was one of the first bloggers I truly read every day, back in the day.

Tim Bray: The Listening Engine.  Aka why "normal" people will never use Twitter, or RSS, or whatever...  "the Net is the greatest listening engine ever devised. These days anyone can choose, with its help, to be well-informed."  I so choose.  And additionally the net has all sorts of curators, including bloggers...  including me!

Nissan Juke - OMG how ugly!Guess what this is?  The Nissan Juke.  Could be the ugliest car ever, amid heavy competition...  is it really that hard to build a nice looking car?  Apparently.  Wow.

Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov, ten years ago...Did you mark it?  Last Wednesday marked the 10th anniversary of a watershed event, in which an IBM computer named Deep Blue defeated the world chess champion Garry Kasparov.  I remember it well.  It seems rather quaint now but at the time the fact that a computer could beat a human at chess seemed important.  Today I think your phone can beat most grand masters :)

Procol Harem - Whiter Shade of PaleWrapping up, my friend Gary sent this link to Procol Harem playing Whiter Shade of Pale, a real blast from the past.  Early early Robin Trower.  Excellent!

We skipped the light fandango...

(At this point the song reminds me strongly of The Big Chill - remember that?  Great movie...)


Jeanne Gang's Aqua

Friday,  02/12/10  07:28 PM

You know I'm a sucker for amazing architecture, check out Jeanne Gang's new Aqua building in Chicago:

Jeanne Gang's Aqua building in Chicago

You will not be surprised to hear she studied with Rem Koolhaas, but she's clearly making waves on her own...  :)  In addition to being beautiful and giving the building a unique clothlike texture, the "fins" actually deflect wind, making the building much more stable in the windy city.  Most excellent.



America's Cup #33 race #1 - Trizilla wins!

Friday,  02/12/10  07:38 PM

Today was historic; the first race of the 33rd America's Cup took place off the coast of Valencia, Spain, and BMW Oracle's amazing trimaran (aka "Trizilla") handily defeated defender Alinghi's huge catamaran, in a come-from-way-behind victory.  Alinghi took the start by a mile, but BMW Oracle had clearly superior speed upwind and led at the weather mark, and then proceeded to horizon job Alinghi on the downwind leg.  It looks like the wing is the thing.

This regatta is just a best out of three series, so BMW Oracle now have a chance to win the cup in race #2 on Sunday.  Stay tuned!


Kessel sunset

Friday,  02/12/10  07:55 PM

Tonight I made a rare Friday night Kessel run
(Dana Point Harbor to Camp Pendleton and back)
- as usual, as I was coming home from Vista -
and timed it just right to see a beautiful sunset.


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