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Thursday,  11/05/09  10:30 AM

Another day of coding, interrupted by budget reviews (urgh!), a job interview, and other administrivia.  It was too cold to ride, or at least that was my excuse; it wasn't really that cold, but I guess I was tired, or something.  Blech.  The worst part about not riding is the way you don't feel afterward.

A vineyard in Westlake Village?  Why not!  "The idea to plant a vineyard on the corner of Lakeview Canyon and Agoura Road came, appropriately, over a glass of wine."  I know exactly where this is, it used to be a gas station, and now it is a vineyard.  (see at right)  How cool is that? 

The Decade of Steve: Fortune Magazine names Apple CEO Steve Jobs "CEO of the decade".  A pretty good call, who else would even be in the running?  Not only has he driven Apple to the top of the tech heap, with the iMac, OS X, iPod, and iPhone, he piloted Pixar to the top of the movie heap too.  Awesome. 

In interesting sidebar, Fortune interviewed eight other star CEOs about Jobs.  Larry Ellison (Oracle): "The difference between me and Steve is that I'm willing to live with the best the world can provide.  With Steve that's not always good enough."  Jimmy Iovine (Interscope): "Whatever anyone says about Apple, if it wasn't for Steve Jobs there would be no legitimate music online."  Andrea Jung (Avon): "He's laser-focused on getting it right. It's a great lesson in this quarter-to-quarter world."  I didn't know the CEO of Avon was on Apple's board.  How interesting.

Wow, this is BIG NEWS: Google Closure.  An Open source JavaScript compiler, debugger, library, and templating system from Google.  It is becoming clear that JavaScript is the one universal language, even more universal than C, at least for application development.  And these tools have the potential to make it faster and also non-plagerizable. 

Can I share a pet peeve?  I hate strongly dislike it when people reply to my email but don't quote my email in theirs.  I mean, that's lame, right?  Right. 

Gerard Vanderleun on the Enduring Greatness of Walmart: "No wonder the left hates Walmart.  The company feeds more people more for less than any socialist system you can imagine today."  Bing. 

More: I love that Rockwell illustration, "Freedom from Want".  Check it out (click through to enbiggen.)  Check out the faces, the glassware on the table.  Amazing.

ZooBorn of the day: a baby Puggle.  I have no idea what Puggles are, but this little one is maximally cute.



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