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one face plant short of wisdom

Sunday,  09/06/09  11:55 PM

Tonight I attended "one face plant short of wisdom", a performance art show by my friend Mark, given at the Orange County Mensa Society's annual convention (!)  It was, well, incredible; probably the most ambitious talk I've ever seen, an attempt to combine wry wisdom with philosophy with physics with a theory of self, threaded with a mountain climbing theme, bookended by a pair of skits in which Mark is given a choice (and makes it both ways), and interspersed with snippets of his life superimposed over a series of movies.  If that sounds impossible, well, it was.  Which is what made it so incredible :)

space cadet, ready for blastoff

choose wisely
or you will become the singularity

taking the red pill
on the path to enlightenment

the difference between heaven and hell
trajectories through spacetime

wisdom achieved

sorting it out in the bar, afterward
did that really happen, or did we just think it did

As enjoyable as it was to watch the show, it was even better seeing a bunch of old friends also on hand to witness the event.  And better yet sitting around in the bar afterward as we tried to make sense of it all (!)  We were collectively on the path to wisdom, but still perhaps one face plant short...


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