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off to see the wizard

Thursday,  05/07/09  05:33 PM

I'm off to see the wizard!  Well actually off to a hearing at the FDA in Washington.  Should be interesting, I am rather nervous.  Please keep fXf :)

I am flying Virgin America so there is some chance I can blog from 35,000' tonight, stay tuned...


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Thursday,  05/07/09  10:23 PM

Blogging from the friendly skies thanks to Virgin America...  I wonder if someday I will be blogging from the friendly spaces with Virgin Galactic?  Could happen... maybe on my way to Titan :)

I wonder if the world in which I take Virgin Galactic to Titan will be like the world of Star Trek?  Guess I'll find out, and probably blog about it.  Stay tuned... (for a long time...) 

Just horrible: fire rips through Santa Barbara neighborhoods...  wow.  I use "sucks" a lot, but this really sucks... 

So I just reported on OpenTable possibly going public, and then found myself using them, to find a restaurant in Arlington and make a reservation.  Not the first time, and not the last; they have a real business... 

Base.  A really old post from Liron Shapira showed up in my RSS reader today, and I read it, and I liked it (and I linked it :).  "What I'm wondering is, did people had an analogous base state in their homes before computers became ubiquitous? I guess in the last century it was in front of the TV. Before that, in front of the radio? In the easy chair with a newspaper? At the desk with a pen and paper?"  I think increasingly now people use their cellphone as their "base".  I can feel mine slowly moving from my laptop... 

Sergey Brin has posted Google's 2008 founder's letter.  It's a bit long but pretty thought-provoking and interesting...  he takes a longer view, and he's right; the technologies we are developing *now* are going to change the world forever.  In fact this is an interesting moment in time, when all technology ceases to seem like magic, no matter how magical... 

Over and out... I hope you celebrated Odd Day in style :)



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