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Obama: the movie

Thursday,  04/02/09  11:33 PM


don't know about creepo but total fake is looking dead on
note the name of the movie
I love it


Thursday,  04/02/09  11:44 PM

Greetings, blog readers!  And there are many of you today, as I see that once more StumbleUpon are featuring several of my posts.  Do not be frightened by what happens here, nobody gets badly hurt.  So today I had a nice quiet day of work: several presentations, a few bugs, some design reviews, and a bit of coding; the usual mix.  And then escaped for a nice ride through Hidden Valley, and then attended my homeowner's association board's meeting (I am an elected member) and spent several hours discussing unleashed dogs in the park, and whether a neighbor should be allowed to park their RV in their back yard.  Oh, and then blogged... so, onward, let's make a filter pass, shall we?

TheScientist asks Why Sleep?TheScientist asks an excellent question: Why Sleep?  The two main theories: 1) crystallization of sensory information into memory, and 2) replenishment of resources.  I have my own weird theory, unsupported by evidence, that the mind needs down time for prospectively trying out "what if" scenarios.

Isn't is weird how yawning is contagious?  I keep looking at that little baby, and I keep yawning.  Yawn...

Farewell "mark to market", we hardly knew ya: Did DE-regulation Just Turn Around the U.S. Economy?  My friend Peter has been saying this was the key to an economic turnaround, it will be interesting to see if he's right...  (he did call this whole "toxic asset" thing dead on...)

Palm Pre emulates Palm classic apps!Looks like the Palm Pre is going to be able to emulate classic Palm apps...  that is really cool.  It not only shows market smarts but technical proficiency.  I'm sure just about all the functionality available in classic apps will be rewritten natively for the Pre given time, but in the meantime people like me now have no barrier to upgrading.  I want my Pre!

Louis C.K. blogs his middle East USO trip...Check out this remarkable blog from Louis C.K. who is on a middle East USO trip.  Way cool.  [ via Althouse ]

Bruce Friedman wonders do hospitals really want interoperable e-health records?  And the answer is no, they don't, they're competitors.  Interoperability between vendors delivers value, between hospitals and doctors, not so much...

plush uterus recall notice...This is too funny: plush uterus recall notice.
[ via The 1X Objective ]

Apparently Google is about to buy Twitter.  So be it.  I'm sure they'll turn the Twitterverse into a gigantic conversation to be searched and indexed, and we will learn ... nothing from it.

Robert Scoble thinks this is the worst thing for Twitter.  "Remember, Google is the company that bought Jaiku and then did nothing with it. It’s the company that bought Dodgeball (a company that had a service very similar to Twitter that was out before Twitter). And did nothing with it (the founders of that company also wrote a “we’re leaving” letter to Google.)"  Yeah, not to mention, this is the company that bought Blogger and did nothing with it.

ZooBorn: a little Collared LemurZooBorn of the day: a little Collared Lemur.  Looks very cozy in there, doesn't it?


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