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what a hat (New Yorker, 9/2/09)

Thursday,  02/12/09  11:23 PM


"what a hat"


Thursday,  02/12/09  11:29 PM

One of those  l o n g  days; I got up at 0400, drove to Vista, had meetings all day (performance reviews!), then met friends for dinner in Santa Monica, and now here I am again, twenty hours later.  Whew.  Yes, I am tied, and yes, my blogging will suffer for it...

belief in evolutionYesterday we noted was Darwin's 200th birthday; sadly, Mark Frauenfelder notes 4 in 10 believe in evolution.  Even the way that's worded is misleading, evolution isn't something you believe in, it is a theory you accept or deny.  Sort of like gravity, or the fact that the Earth is spherical.

Elon Musk blogs Tesla to be profitable by mid-year.  So be it, good for them.  Even if it does require a $350M loan from the government to get there...

media trend report shows Facebook on topI've mentioned visiting Facebook more and more often; apparently I'm not the only one, as Techcrunch reports Facebook just took the top spot among social media sites.  So be it.  I think there's a lot more to Facebook than some of these other "media properties".

An interesting post about investing from Eric Wiesen and Stuart Ellman: Rolling 8 the hard way.  "Experience in the venture business teaches many lessons. One that is often painfully learned is very easy to see from a distance but hard to see when down in the trenches. There are easy ways to make money and there are hard ways."  Indeed.

ZooBorn: baby anteaterZooBorn of the day: baby anteater.


the pixel pipeline

Thursday,  02/12/09  11:51 PM

the pixel pipeline

(click to enbiggen amazingly - and hit F11 to maximize!)


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