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backlit Saturn

Tuesday,  01/13/09  11:34 PM

In the shadow of Saturn, unexpected wonders appear.  The robotic Cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn recently drifted in giant planet's shadow for about 12 hours and looked back toward the eclipsed Sun.  Cassini saw a view unlike any other.
(click to enlarge amazingly)

Wow.  This could be the most beautiful picture yet taken by Cassini, among heavy competition.  Imagine looking out the window of your spacecraft, and seeing that.  I can't wait :)




Tuesday,  01/13/09  11:42 PM

I am the world's tiredest person...  (yawn)  This will not be my greatest post, I promise...

I am reasonably good at keeping myself awake while driving with a combination of coke, chocolate, and decibels.  Sometimes I pull over and get out of my car and walk around.  But tonight, the two-hour drive home from Vista was a struggle.  I made it, but barely.

Update on my weird disaster: it may be possible to repair the frame.  I am taking it to Nytro in Encinitas on Friday.  fXf! 

Glenn Reynolds links Steven Green: Is Time rooting for Israel's defeat?  Seems like, yes, they are.  But as Glenn notes, "the real story is in the comments: 'Stephen,you are beating a dead horse…I picked up a copy of Time a few days ago…light as a feather.'"  Does anybody really know what time it is? 

swivel mode bicycle (folded)Cool; Inhabitat notes  a folding bike that really looks (and rides) like a bike.  "Designed by Mark Sanders, the Swivel Mode is one of Areaware’s latest offerings. It is designed for city use and easily folds to fit in car trunks, buses, and subway cars, making it perfect for the urban commuter. The two-speed bike weighs in at 27.5 pounds, and folds to a relatively compact 16.5in, x 9.8in x 29.4in.

Apparently Tesla have licensed their battery technology to Daimler for use in the Smart car.  How excellent!  That really seems to make sense... 

Robert Scoble once again tries to make the case for video blogging over text (and IMHO once again fails to do so).  Video has its place, but text is denser, easier to skim, easier to index, easier to search, easier to use.  IIWII... 

From CNet: iTunes Plus: everything you need to know.  Aka getting rid of DRM forever.  Yay. 

ZooBorn of the day: baby gorilla

Good night.  (yawn)  I am reasonably good at keeping myself awake while blogging :)  ZZzzzz....



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