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thank you unknown Hyatt person

Sunday,  10/26/08  11:56 PM

SO I am at a conference, Pathology Visions, sponsored by my company Aperio, at the Grand Hyatt in downtown San Diego, and there was a reception tonight (which was really well attended and really great), and it ended 8:30ish, and afterward "everyone" all went up the Hyatt's bar, on the 40th floor.  It was nice – great views – and it was fun sitting around and talking, but I was getting HUNGRY.  As were others… and so it was, that at 10:30 we attempted to find an open restaurant.  The closest of which was, the Fish Market, at the Embassy Suites approximately across the street from the Hyatt.  Turns out by the time we got there they were only serving their “late” menu.  We all ordered fish tacos.  Which, not to beat around the bush, SUCKED.  Yes I ate them anyway, I was HUNGRY, but still they SUCKED.  So we get back to the hotel at midnightish, and I am regretting the whole thing; yes the company was really fun, but I am still hungry and those fish tacos, well, you know what they did…

So I walk into my room, kind of in a funk – a very nice “VIP” room on the club floor, card key required for the elevator and so on – and I see a beautiful, wonderful, excellent plate of cheese set out, (including Humboldt Blue!) with bread, honey, and dried fruits, together with a nice note welcoming me to the Hyatt.  YAY.  Thank you unknown Hyatt person who did this for me.  Thank you thank you thank you.

So I gratefully sat down and enjoyed the cheese and the bread – they were delicious – wishing I had never ever heard of fish tacos.



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