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Cool art that will mess with your head, part I

Sunday,  03/06/05  09:11 PM

I received a long picture-laden email entitled "Cool art that will mess with your head", courtesy of my colleague Steven Hashagen.   It is indeed cool art and it will indeed mess with your head.  I plan to dribble it out over time. Anyway here's the first:



  If anyone knows the artist please tell me; I'd love to give this proper attribution.
[ Update 1/7/14: This is The Sun Sets Sail, by Rob Gonsalves ]




Sunday,  03/06/05  09:29 PM

NYTimes: White House approves pass for blogger.  Excellent.  Amazingly, the usually clueless Times even included the URL to Garrett Graff's blog, FishBowlDC.  The Times, they are a changin'...

Microsoft Office dinosSteve Rubel: Microsoft Office marketing is stuck in the prehistoric era.  "It seems to me like they're trying the same ol' stuff they did back in 1995.  Where has the innovative Microsoft Office marketing machine gone?  The company's army of 1200+ employee bloggers do more to market Microsoft's products/services these days than anything the corporation has done in years."  I don't know, I think the dinos are cute.  Paleolithic, I think.  And they are a tribute to office diversity :)  [ via Scoble ]

Chris Anderson: The tragically neglected economics of abundance.  "Although there may be near infinite selection of all media, there is still a scarcity of human attention and hours in the day.  Our disposable income is limited.  On some level, it's still a fixed-pie game.  Offer a couch potato a million TV shows and they may end up watching no more television than they did before; just different television, better suited to them."  Another great introspection about the long tail.  Chris' blog is batting about 1,000, every post seems worthwhile.  Subscribe to it!

Oh, and here's another: What about producers?  "It's worth noting that commercial success is not the only (or even main) reason to be a Long Tail producer.  Most authors write books not to get rich but to reach a readership, whether it be to enhance their academic reputation, market their consultancy, or just leave a mark on the world.  The Long Tail effect may not pay their rent, but it will find them a bigger audience, and if what they're offering is really good it may be dramatically bigger."

Olivelink is person-to-person video streaming.  Wow.  Kind of like video podcasting.  [ via Matt Haughey ]


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