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Friday,  12/12/03  04:52 PM

So what to you think about the Pentagon's decision to bar French, German, and Russian companies from bidding on Iraqi construction work?  Seems appropriate, and I'm surprised anyone would be surprised.  So how about Canada?  Sorry, Jean.

Steven Den Beste's take is the same as mine.  But you knew it would be.  Citizen Smash has a nice roundup of reactions, pro and con.  And LGF posts a little fable.

Can you believe Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean?  Okay, I guess you can believe that.  But can you believe he invoked the dreaded Q-word?  Amazing.  I voted for Gore, but I'm so glad Bush won.

You know what I think about patents, right?  Well the WP has a great review, Patenting Air or Protecting Property?  The only people benefiting from the current system are lawyers, not businesses, and not consumers.

Copyrights aren't much better; SCO continues to amaze with their bogus lawsuit against IBM.

Jim Waldo debunks the "worse is better" meme.  "The dominance of C as a programming language was an example of better is better, not worse is better."  Exactly.  He pounds the nail through the wood, read it.

Hey, thanks Dave, for this Yatta movieYatta, Yatta, Yatta.  I've watched it about five times, and I can't get the stupid tune out of my head.  So yeah, thanks :)

P.S. Isn't flash cool?  This whole movie is a little over 1MB.

(click to play movie)
Dackia ad - parking

Now this is the way to park.  [ thanks, Kevin! ]

Paolo Valdemarin wants his comments on other blogs to be saved on his.  Hey, I want that too!  Great idea.  Now, how do we make it work?

O.L.E. cyborgHave you ever wanted a cyborg named after you?  Nah, me neither.  But just in case you do, Lore Sjöberg will help you out...  You can even order a tee-shirt with your cyborg on it.

Here's a funny Slashdot post about kermit on the Space Station.  A article treats it like this high-tech wonder tool.  I can remember doing remote support with kermit like fifteen years ago.  Cool.

Pinnacle ShowCenterTom's Hardware reviews the Pinnacle ShowCenter.  They like it.  Excellent, I want one.  In fact, I'm going to get one.  Stay tuned!

executive laptop steering wheel mountHere we have the Executive Laptop Steering Wheel Mount.  I am not making this up.  Wow.



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