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Friday,  08/15/03  05:24 PM

From 10,000', Brian Head, Utah...

Atomic element #110 will be named "Darmstadtium", honoring Laboratory for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt, Germany.  So be it.  Note: the heaviest stable element is Uranium, at 92.  Darmstadtium is made by fusing lead and nickel.

Scientists have found a microbe that thrives in 250° heat.  So far it is only called "Strain 121".  Sure indicates that early life might have put up with some extreme conditions on Earth...

Popular Science discusses Pulse Detonation Engines, a far-out way to power jets and rockets.  "It works by detonating (instead of slow burning) fuel hundreds of times a second.  PDE technology is poised to make supersonic passenger flights and space travel affordable."

John Robb says Google is about to create another bubble in web advertising.  The first bubble was portals, and now the second will be search engines, wherein a too-high value is placed on the ads, leading to temporary high revenues but ultimately dissatisfied advertisers and a big drop in value.

Scoble meets Anders Hejlsberg, and takes his picture.  Anders created Turbo Pascal and Delphi while at Borland, and created C# at Microsoft.

The Linksys Media Adapter does pretty much everything Tivo's Home Media Option does, without the Tivo.  Hook it up to your home theater, and then stream movies and music from your computers.  Very cool, and definitely the wave of the future.  [ via John Robb ]

Walt Mossberg reviews Sony's newest wireless PDA, a funny device which looks like a tiny laptop.  On the whole he likes it; good connectivity, great built-in camera, great screen.  The keyboard is okay, and the price is high - $700.  And it does not have a built-in phone...


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