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Tuesday,  04/29/03  10:39 PM

President Bush is planning a speech tomorrow from the deck of the U.S.S.Lincoln, an aircraft carrier which is returning to San Diego after participating in the war to liberate Iraq.  Salon says he will announce the war is over.  Apparently the ship is too far at sea to reach by helicopter, so he'll be making a carrier landing in a 'plane.  Cool.

I'm as pleased as everyone by the results in Iraq and the relatively low cost in human life required to achieve them, but I am troubled as many others by the fact that we haven't found any WMDs so far.  Not that the war wasn't worth waging anyway, but the administration clearly stated the rationale for the war was the threat of WMDs from Iraq.  I always thought they knew more than they were saying, but now it is beginning to look like they were just guessing (not good), or being outright deceitful (worse).

LGF has a great post and picture of a statue made out of Iraqi army boots which has replaced a statue of Saddam in Baghdad.  Somehow this really touched me...

Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, has a blog (!), and shares some interesting thoughts about BlogShares.

Is it just me, or is DayPop going haywire?  Seems like on any given day the results don't make sense (like this morning), or the site is down, or the links don't work...  Too bad, because when it is working, it is awesome!

The great kinetic sculpture race.  Yep, that is a human-powered pink poodle.  I am not making this up.

Finally - did you catch the Lakers tonight?  They absolutely steamrolled the Timberwolves.  The final score was 120-95 and it wasn't that close.  When they play like that, they can beat anyone.  And they did it without Rick Fox.


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