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Wednesday,  04/16/03  11:50 PM

Daniel Pipes writes about War's New Face.  Really great stuff.  "The outcome of war used to be the overriding question.  Nowadays... attention focuses on very different matters, such as the duration of hostilities and the number of casualties."

The French are starting to whine; the WP notes the U.S. Boycott is being felt.  And the same article says Germany is not being affected as much.  "It could be that France's position is considered to be fundamental, and Germany's is considered to be more or less an accident, in connection with the elections last autumn."  Yep.  Steven Den Beste has more on the political ramifications of France's anti-U.S. stance.

June Thomas in Slate: SARS: The New Enemy.

Several people have asked about my interest in SARS.  It isn't just that I work for a medical diagnostics company, or that I care about human health.  SARS is interesting because it is a simple, common virus which has apparently mutated to become fatal.  This isn't suppose to happen, "the successful parasite doesn't kill the host".  But of course who is to say SARS is "successful" - time will tell.  It just doesn't seem that enough people will die fast enough to force the virus to mutate.

Om Malik in Salon discusses the late great Red Herring in Death of a Cheerleader.  A little dated, but apropos, Red Herring founder Tony Perkins discusses the Next Ten Years.

God Bless AmericaNot a crop circle - but the same technology.  Check out this picture - a farmer did this using GPS (click on pic for larger view).  Interesting application of the technology :)

Strongbad email.  Strongbad ha ha ha.  [ Thanks, Keith ]

This one is for all you Michael Moore fans...  Atomic hairsplitting for Fatboy.

Robert Scoble has swallowed the red pill.  So, how deep is the rabbit hole in Redmond?

Halley ponders May 1993.  Ten years ago.  Seems like, what, a hundred?  I'm going to bet that this has been the most eventful ten years in human history.  If you disagree, pick another and tell me why.

Michael JordanMichael Jordan played his last game tonight.  I'm a BIG Lakers fan, as you know, but for my money he was the best ever.  Yeah, you've got Wilt, and Magic, and Larry, and Bill, and Doc, and Jerry, and Kareem.  Someday you might consider Shaq or Kobe.  (Lots of Lakers on this list, eh?)  But you can't seriously claim any of them was better than Michael.

The Lakers are on a roll, they won again tonight, clinching the fifth seed in the Western division.  Kobe scored 44 to finish the season with an average of 30 per game, and Shaq had his 47th double-double.  The other teams should be worried, after cruising for much of the season the Lakers are peaking at just the right time.


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