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Tuesday,  03/04/03  11:55 PM

Interesting...  Apparently [U.N. Secretary General] Kofi Anan has had plans drawn up for a post-war  U.N. government in Iraq.  Of course the U.S. has plans for a U.S.-led government.  That will be the next U.S. pissing contest with France.

Quick thought:  There are certainly serious people with well-reasoned objections to America's pending war against Iraq.  But most of the anti-war protesting going on is not about this war.  Instead the issues include: 1) opposition to war in general, 2) anti-American-ism, 3) anti-Israeli-ism, 4) pro-Muslim-ism, 5) anti-Republican-ism, 6) pro-Democrat-ism, 7) anti-Bush-ism, 8) French / European hand-wringing over their reduced role, 9) worldwide hand-wringing over America's increased role, 10) a general urge to protest.  That's ten, you can probably think of more...  I think the anti-war agenda would be far better served by some specific objections to this war, combined with constructive suggestions for dealing with Iraq.  (And that would not include illogical platitudes like "give inspections a chance".)  What we have here is a wealthy power-hungry dictator desperately trying to acquire or build WMDs.  So what would you do?

RSS aggregators continue to generate interest.  I must not get it.  You know what I think...

Apple is launching a service to sell music online, tied into iTunes.  Excellent idea, IMHO.  [Later, others agree...]



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