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Survey Survey

Saturday,  02/22/03  03:25 AM

Welcome to the latest Critical Section feature - surveys...  So let's ask:

Do you like web surveys? 

No - I hate them

Yes - I love them

Uh - who cares?

What's a survey?

  (ended 03/01/03)


Saturday,  02/22/03  08:14 PM

Man, another day of non-racing on the Hauraki Gulf, race 4 was postponed *again*.  I'm having America's Cup withdrawals!

Well, I did it.  I switched, perhaps permanently, to Mozilla for my daily browsing.  Reasons:

  1. It kills pop-up windows.  This will save five minutes of whack-a-mole per day.
  2. It allows me to choose whether to accept cookies on a site-by-site basis.
  3. It supports tabbed browsing - Ctrl-click follows a link in a new tab. 

I'll tell you how I like it - stay tuned.

[Later: already I'm wondering about this.  Despite published reports to the contrary, Mozilla appears slower than IE, and - significantly for me and my style of browsing - it cannot deal with many clicks in parallel.  I have a tendency to read through a page, Ctrl-clicking every link of possible interest, and then I go back and see what I've dredged up.  Seems like at around eight or so concurrent loads, Mozilla balks.  More later...]


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