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Monday,  02/10/03  06:50 PM

Yippee!  This post was made from the road.  My complicated rsync over ssh works.  (But it is still too hard, and hence, wrong...)

Apple has introduced an upgrade to their cool Xserve servers, along with a 2.5TB RAID array.  I caught myself saying "I wish it ran Linux", then I slapped myself.  (Mac OSX is a derivitive of Unix!)  This would make a great virtual slide server, at $4/GB = approx $4/slide :)

Jason Kottke weighs in on Weblogs and Power Laws.  Jason is of course an A lister...

McKinsey Quarterly has a terrific article on "The Power of Pricing" [free registration required].  The authors suggest transaction pricing is the key to profitability at times when there is downward pressure on prices.  (As I've suggested before, I think we're in a hidden deflation right now.)

From the "only on the web" file: here's a guy who scanned an LP record and then wrote a program to generate music from the resulting images.  How useless and how cool!  (If we had this technology twenty years ago, we could have done file sharing by faxing scans to each other :)

Here's a great article in Nature by Robert Plomin, entitled "Genetics, genes, genomics and g".  In this context "g" is the much-debated 'general cognitive ability', as measured by various tests such as IQ.  Strongly recommended!  [Thanks, Razib].


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