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Saturday,  02/01/03  11:25 AM

Happy Birthday Nicole!  My oldest daughter turns 21 today.  She's at the Navy's Great Lakes Training Center right now, so I doubt she'll be able to go out drinking, but we'll toast her from here.  We're really proud of her...

I got up in a great mood, ready for a quiet day, feeling a little less sick, and then I read about the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrating over Texas.  Wow.  Sad, bad, stuff.  Technology is so great, but it is not perfect.

Today my little 'blog turns 1 [month]!  Seems like only yesterday I started.  This weekend I'll be making a few changes to accomodate archiving; having every post stay on the home page is okay for now, but not the long term solution.  I've had 926 visitors (people who have come back more than once), and 166 of you have come back at least three times.  Thanks!  [How we track you.]


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