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Saturday,  01/25/03  11:03 PM

Just a few I had to share today - I'm too busy coding for anything else :)

I find the latest announcements by the Bush administration very disturbing.  Either the Bush administration has a smoking gun – tangible evidence that Iraq has WMDs or has been trying to make them – or they don’t.  I’ve been assuming all along that they did, and that at the appropriate moment, they’d present their evidence to the American people and begin bombing.  Our so-called Allies would see this evidence and could decide whether it was conclusive or not, but there would be no doubt about why the American government felt war was necessary.  The Weasels would know the rationale even if they continued to disagree with the right response.  Now it appears the Bush administration does not have a smoking gun.  If they did, why back down now?  And if they don’t have a smoking gun, then the whole strategy is called into question. All the troop movements, all the talk of war, all the machinations of the U.N. and U.S. diplomats, would be revealed to be mere saber rattling – and very expensive and diplomatically damaging saber rattling at that.  Nobody believes the U.N. inspectors are going to find a smoking gun, in fact, their activities have caused all guns of any kind to be hidden or destroyed, whether smoking or not. The chances of a smoking gun being found now are slim.  Without firm evidence the U.S. could never have made a case for war, even with full international support; the U.S. people would not have stood for it.  Perhaps Colin Powell will clarify things in tomorrow's address...

Slashnot: the Onion for geeks...  Really well done.

Check out this picture. This is a real crop circle. Wow.
Alien Crop Circle


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