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Saturday,  01/18/03  09:49 AM

I'm baaack!  Vancouver was cold but great.  As expected, rsync updating to my 'blog was an utter failure.  I need a good way to post from the road.

Lots to do today... but first, I need a solution to remote email.  My Treo has a really cool interface to my desktop email (Outlook).  But - when I'm traveling, so is my "desktop".  Handspring has a product called Treo Mail which solves this problem, but it only supports one email account.  So I'm trying One-Touch Mail from JP Mobile.  Keeping my fingers crossed...  {There's a cool site called Handango which has a lot of Palm OS stuff - worth checking out it you're a Palmist.}

Are you a Windows XP user?  Do you use System Restore Points?  I didn't even know they existed until today, but they are really cool.  A restore point is a checkpoint of all system files, registry entries, etc.  Checkpoints are created automatically by XP whenever you reboot, install new software, or remove software.  You can also create them manually with Start | Programs | Accessories | Systems Tools | System Restore.  This is also how you can view the checkpoints already created, and actually restore to a checkpoint.

It is old news today, but Alinghi defeated Oracle again to take a 4-1 lead in the best-of-five Louis Vuitton Cup finals.  The winner becomes the "challenger of record" against New Zealand in the America's Cup later this spring.


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