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Tuesday,  06/10/03  08:45 PM

On the road, blogging from San Mateo after a day of meeting with VCs.  Treat everything you read accordingly :)

Adam Curry: our Copy-Paste Culture.  This doesn't do it justice, but:

Blogging = Copy + Paste

Very insightful.

David Burbridge reviews The Meme Machine .  A great book for anyone interested in the Darwinian evolution of ideas.

There are three missions to Mars planned this June, the most ambitious exploration in the last 25 years.  The Space Review ponders Why is Mars so Hard?  "Software is the number one problem."  (By the way, the first of these missions blasted off today.)

(click for fullsize view)

This is so cool: A QTVR panorama of the lost City of Petra, made famous by the final scenes in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  This place is impossible to capture in a normal still image, but I tried anyway; click on the pic at right for a fullsize view.

Several bloggers have noted Technorati's new keyword search, which let's you find blogs and blog posts by keyword.  Since Technorati has the most comprehensive database of blogs, this should be pretty exhaustive.  Question: Is it better than Google?  Don't know...

Gollum won Best Virtual Performance at the MTV Movie Awards.  And here's his virtual acceptance speech...

BigWig bemoans Apache 2.0, trying to upgrade from 1.3.  What a disaster; since Apache 1.3 is (was!) the most popular web server on the planet, why did they have to make upgrading so difficult?  A total failure to understand the user base.

Found an interesting study on the usability of different computer fonts, courtesy of Tim Bray.  The bottom line - users considered serif fonts more attractive, but paradoxically rated them less readable!  Aha.  (This is why I use Century Gothic on my blog...)


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