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doing nothing (for a little while)

Friday,  06/10/11  04:39 PM

This afternoon, in the midst of recovering from a busy week with a kazillion things going on, and preparing for a trip to Europe starting tomorrow, I did ... nothing.  For inspiration, I turned to my dogs, who are world-class experts at doing nothing.  In fact here they are, doing what they do best ... nothing.

Maxi and Bijou demonstrate the fine art of doing nothing
in style

I grabbed my Kindle, a Diet Coke, and a box of Wheat Thins, and sat next to my pool, soaked up some sun.  Perfect.  I think I told you, I'm taking the summer off?  I don't plan to do nothing all summer - that would drive me crazy - but I do plan to do a little nothing every day.  Well that was fun, but now on to dinner and a movie :)


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