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Wednesday,  08/06/14  01:16 AM

SpaceX Falcon 9 blasts offA little midnight blogging, after a wonderful night at the center of the universe (Dodger Stadium).  Yes, the Dodgers won in the bottom of the ninth on a walkoff error, after the Angels moved one of their outfields into the infield.  And yes, the final score was four hot dogs two beers.

Picture of the day: SpaceX Falcon 9 blasts off.  Awesome!  (Click to enbiggen.)

Don't you love the way iCloud stops syncing at random, and the only way to restart it is to uninstall / reinstall it?  Yeah, me too.  That's what you call user friendly.

Starbucks payments' appWith all the talk about mobile payments, guess who is the leader in number of mobile payment apps deployed?  If you said Starbucks, you would be correct.  So now Starbucks wants you to use their app for payments in other stores.  How interesting.  It's a simple stored-value system, not clear why you would want to use this, but ... we'll see.

They do have a plug-in for my Pebble Watch :)

Bitcoin gatewayMeanwhile: Stripe CTO explains how Bitcoin could improve the financial system.  Excellent.  Seems like the transparency of all transactions is most important; not who did them, but that they were done.

Apropos: Wikipedia now accepts donations in Bitcoin.

Seth Godin: Doing the hard things.  "'How do we do something so difficult that others can't imagine doing it?' is a fine question to ask today."  Hehe.  At eyesFinder we do the impossible every day :)

Guardians of the GalaxySo, the power of Han Solo is alive in Guardians of the Galaxy?  (Question mark is mine)  Meh.  I saw it after reading reviews like this, and I was underwhelmed.  It was entertaining enough I suppose, but not in the same class as Star Wars.  At all.

Strong Bad!Meanwhile: Ranking all 205 Strong Bad emails.  So good.

How to fake flawless predictions for any event on social media.  Basically, you make a bunch of predictions beforehand, and then afterward highlight the only one which was right and delete the rest.  "Never trust a prediction revealed after its outcome."

Bill Nye: How finding ET will change the world.  And it will most likely be found on Europa.  So be it.  I would *still* like to visit Titan, maybe there will be Europa-ians there already!

More proof, if any were needed, that the world is sinking Idiocracy-like into decline: Jerry Pournelle republishes a book sixth graders used to read 100 years ago.  Now it would be college-level reading.  This is fueled by Unnatural Selection.

The Scarlet Pool, ThailandAmazing swimming pools.  Wow!  (Pictured, the aptly named "Scarlet Pool", at a hotel in Thailand.

So, does technology have a "gender gap"?  Maybe.  I feel like if anything technology is mostly a meritocracy, the examples in the article notwithstanding.  There is most definitely a gender gap in available engineers - when I run an ad for programmers, nearly every applicant is male - but I suspect that has more to do with interest than bias.

Jens Voight and Chris HornerJens Voight is calling it quits after USA Pro Challenge.  So be it.  He's going to be missed.  That's him at right, with Chris Horner; two 42-year-olds still at the top of their sport.

Alejandro Valverde answers his Tour critics with Clasica victory.  Nobody should have to apologize for finishing fourth in the Tour de France.  Alejandro is a great rider.

How to be lucky.  As you might expect, this turns out to be mostly a matter of attitude.  I always feel the harder I work, the luckier I get :)

adorable little PenguinAnd we'll end tonight with an adorable little penguin.  You're welcome!



Thursday,  07/31/14  11:45 PM

Got for it, little Picton!Whew, what a week!  What a two weeks...  work work work and a wonderful interlude sailing an E Scow with a friend in Charleston and a business trip to Boston.  And so much going on at eyesFinder.  But there's a lot going on elsewhere too ... let's take a look, shall we?

PS if you're interested please check us out at eyesFinder (we have a cool new site); we also have a cool blog all about visual search where we're posting every day.  If you're interested please subscribe, or Like us on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter.

I am spending 50% of my time coding these days, and the other 100% of my time doing everything else.  It has been great.  There is so much pleasure in slowly patiently building something piece by piece, making all the pieces fit just so.  Awesome!

And you cannot code without music, and good code makes good music even better.  Yay, Slacker.

the Martian, by Andy WeirJust finished The Martian, by Andy Weir.  It was excellent, highly recommended, as plausible near-future science fiction.  So much greatness and so much humor too.  (Thanks, Brad Feld.)  Couldn't wait to reach the end of each day so I could visit Mars :)

Fun fact: this book was first self-published as an e-book on Amazon, and Random House picked it up for printing afterward.

The Honest Truth About DishonestyThe 'Just in Time' theory of user behavior.  Aka, "the path of least resistance is everyone's best friend".  Taken from a cool new book: The Honest Truth about Dishonesty, by Dan Ariely.

Bill Gates' and Warren Buffets' favorite business book is out of print.  Written in 1971, in consists of 12 stories from The New Yorker.  However, it is now available ... as an e-book.  Cool.

Nobody doubt's Google's cloud intentions anymore.  Nope.  But then, whoever did?

Nobody doubt's Apple's either.  They've been accused of incompetence, but they're serious.

And ... Microsoft, IBM surge ahead of Amazon in cloud revenue growth.  Note they're talking about the first derivative here, not the absolute numbers.  But, still.

I read this with great interest: What's Google's biggest fear?  Native search.  That is, sites and apps which have their own search, instead of using Google.

If this is truly their biggest fear, then visual search will exacerbate it.  We strike fear into the heart of Google! Yes!  (getting a bit carried away here :)

Speedtest: Verizon FIOS now symmetrically fastVerizon FIOS gets speed boost; uploads now as fast as downloads.  Yep.  Thank you!

Helpful: Why seven hours of sleep might be better than eight.  Personally I suggest six, but that's just me...

Minion on Fire (Amazon's new Fire Phone)So did I tell you?  I've got a Fire Phone.  So far I like it, stay tuned for a full review.  In the meantime, the critics have soundly panned it.  Ah, they didn't like the first Kindle either, and now look. 

Yes, my minion is on Fire :)

MG Siegler thinks it is so much of a failure that he's recommending a VP of Devil's Advocacy.  We'll see.

Amazon's 3D StoreExcellent: 3D-printing comes to Amazon.  Of course.  Although right now they're selling 3D-printed stuff, someday they will sell the models so you can print your own at home.

Guess before clicking: The most important factor of startup success.  I agree entirely.  (It’s not having a funny Dutch founder who sails and cycles, although that was a good guess :)

Why OKCupid's experiments aren't the same as Facebook's.  Yeah I kind of agree.  The difference is setting expectations.

ZooBorn: Lynx CubThis little guy is too cute, ZooBorn of the week is Jasper, a Lynx Cub.


Le Tour 2014, stage 21: Kittel wins final sprint (again); Nibali golden in yellow

Sunday,  07/27/14  10:53 PM

the peleton rides down the banks of the Seine on their way to the final straight over the Champs d'ElyseeTo nobody's surprise Marcel Kittel won the final bunch sprint down the Champs d'Elysee in Paris, after the usual flurries of attacks on the cobbles in front of millions of screaming Frenchman.  It was an amazing pageant, as always, to see 200 brightly clad riders flying down the boulevard at 40mph.

The final jerseys of the 2014 Tour; Vincenzo Nibali (yellow), Peter Sagan (green), Rafael Majka (polka dot), and Thibot Pinot (white)And so ends the remarkable 2014 tour; with Vincenzo Nibali in firm possession of the overall leader's yellow jersey, Peter Sagan equally secure in the sprinter's green jersey, Rafael Majka in the king of the mountain's polka dots, and Thibot Pinot as the best young rider in white.

It was a great three weeks of great racing, with a little bit of everything, and after looking forward to each day's racing I'm sorry it's all over.  I guess I'll have my little period of mourning and then we can look forward to the 2014 Vuelta a Espana.  (Will Chris Horner be able to defend against Chris Froome and Alberto Contador?)

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Le Tour 2014, stage 20: Martin wins TT as Nibali cruises to final yellow

Saturday,  07/26/14  10:43 PM

Tony Martin wins the 2014 Tour's final time trial stageThe amazing 2014 Tour de France continued today as Tony Martin won the long 40km time trial, extending his dominance in the TT discipline.  Vincenzo Nibali finished a strong fourth, wrapping up his overall GC victory.  JC Peraud passed his French countryman Thibot Pinot to end up second, despite two punctures, and Alejandro Valverde failed to gain ground, leaving Pinot on the podium in third and finishing fourth overall (and taking the white jersey as best young rider).  Tejay Van Garderen finished fifth for the second time, after barely passing Romain Bardet.

So ends a great Tour; tomorrow is the traditional parade to Paris, punctuated at the end by what will likely be a ferocious bunch sprint.  I'm sad!  I don't want the Tour to end...

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Le Tour 2014, stage 19: Navardauskas outruns charging peleton

Friday,  07/25/14  11:33 PM

Ramunas Navardauskas powers away from a charging peleton to grab victoryOn paper the last road stage of the 2014 Tour looked like one for the sprinters; a flat "transition" stage.  But as the last chance for glory you knew anything could happen, and something great did; Ramunas Navardauskas attacked the peloton on a dinky Cat 4 climb near the end and then powered away from a charging peloton to give Team Garmin Sharp their first victory of the tour.  And it certainly made for great spectating, it seemed he would be reeled in just at the end like his teammate Jack Bauer on stage 15, yet he held on and made it.  Yay.

Stage 20 tomorrow is the time trial, and there's quite a lot at stake; 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place are up for grab between JC Peraud, Thibot Pinot, and Alejandro Valverde, and 5th and 6th are in play between Romain Bardet and Tejay Van Garderen.  Stay tuned!

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Le Tour 2014, stage 18: Nibali confirms dominance up Hautecam

Thursday,  07/24/14  11:20 PM

Vincenzo Nibali confirms his dominance of the 2014 Tour by attacking on the final climb and winning the stageIn the final decisive road stage of the 2014 Tour, Vincenzo Nibali triumphed up the final HC climb of Hautecam and confirmed his dominance of this year's Tour.  Barring a disaster in Saturday's time trial, he will wear the yellow jersey in Paris.  And at this point who could deny him; the way he's ridden this tour, he might well have won even if Chris Froome and Alberto Contador were still riding.

Chris Horner attacks on the final climb of stage 18 up HautecamIt was a great race all the way up the last climb; if you've ever wanted to watch a truly great race up a truly tough mountain, this would be a good one to go back and watch.  I enjoyed every minute of it, especially 42-year-old Chris Horner's late attack on the GC leaders, which was glorious despite ultimately failing.  Rafael Majka had a great ride too, as did Tejay Van Garderen and JC Peraud.  Unfortunately Alejandro Valverde faltered in the final battle and now sits fourth, with some serious work to do in the time trial to get back on the podium.  And it was a great race for France, as there were no fewer than three French riders battling and left with a chance at the podium.

Tomorrow is a flat sprinters stage - the last chance for a breakaway, so could be interesting - and then Saturday is the long time trial before Sunday's parade into Paris.  Onward.

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Le Tour 2014, stage 17: Majka triumphs, confirms polkadots

Wednesday,  07/23/14  11:08 PM

Rafael Majka wins the final climb up Pla d'Adet and takes the stageIn the hardest stage of this year's tour, Rafael Majka triumphed on the final mountain climb up to Pla d'Adet, giving Team Tinkoff Saxo their third stage win and confirming his right to wear the polka dot jersey of the King of the Mountains.  Any one of the climbs in this stage could have been decisive, but having four serious climbs in a row certainly created a selection.  And it was fun to watch, too.  Behind the leaders the GC contenders battled but ultimately the times were little changed, except that Romain Bardet faltered a little and ceded time and the white best young rider jersey to Thibout Pinot.

Tomorrow's stage 18 is yet another tough Pyrenees stage, with two HC climbs: up the Col du Tourmalet and another serious mountaintop finish atop the Hautecam.  Excellent!

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Le Tour 2014, stage 16: Rodgers attacks downhill, GC shuffled

Tuesday,  07/22/14  11:45 PM

Michael Rodgers attacks downhill to win stage 16Well you never know what's going to happen after a rest day in the Tour.  Today seemed like there might be a breakaway which could get away; the longest stage of this year's Tour, with the HC Port de Bales climb 21km from the finish.  And indeed a huge group of 21 riders broke off early before basting apart on that final climb.  Michael Rodgers went over the top first with Thomas Voelker and a small group of others, and they battled on the long downhill with Rodgers emerging victorious.  A great race.

The HC Port de Bales climb set the stageAnd meanwhile another battle played out among the GC contenders; Vincenzo Nibali made it safely up and over, along with Alejandro Valverde and the French trip of JC Peraud, Thibot Pinot, and white jersey wearer Romain Bardet, but Tejay Van Garderen struggled and lost serious time, as did Chris Horner.  (I was hoping Horner would fly without having to protect Rui Costa any longer, but looks like he's still recovering from that horrible training crash a couple of months ago.)

Tomorrow is the hardest stage of the tour, bar none; three serious Cat 1 climbs followed by an HC mountaintop finish at Pla d'Adet.  I can't wait!

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Le Tour 2014, rest day 2: movie + thoughts

Monday,  07/21/14  10:56 PM

The Tour de France 2014 rests again today.  Left are three mountain stages in the Pyrenees, a transition stage, and a time trial left before Sunday's parade / sprint to Paris.

It seems like Vincenzo Nibali is a lock to win.  But the rest of the podium and top ten is up for grabs, should make for some exciting racing.  Peter Sagan has the green jersey sewn up.  But the polka dot jersey competition is tight (tied!) between Joaquim Rodriquez and Rafal Majka, and the white jersey is up for grabs between Romain Bardet and Thibaut Pinot, who are also battling for top French rider and ... perhaps most importantly ... fighting to be the first Frenchman on the podium since Ricard Virenque in 1997.  Add to that Tejay Van Garderen sitting in fifth, and riding stronger every day, and Bauke Mollema lurking in seventh, and Rui Costa ... well there's a lot of racing left.  (Update: Rui has dropped out due to pnemonia!  Rats)

It already seems a long time ago but remember stage 5, which retraced the Paris-Roubaoix route over the cobbles in the rain?  Want to see it again, from the handlebars of a riderCheck this out:

Wow.  And Onward!

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Sunday,  07/20/14  05:10 PM

Neil Armstrong: one small step for man, one giant step for mankind45 years ago today, the footprint heard around the world ... leaving a lasting impression on the human race.  Our first step off our own planet.  Pretty hard to look at that picture without feeling chills.

Jason Kottke has assembled a page where you can watch live coverage of the landing, as reported on CBS by Walter Cronkite.  Hard not to feel nostalgic for real news reporting as well as the seriousness of purpose and magnificent engineering that led to this accomplishment.  Yay!

Buzz Aldrin wants to know, where were you back then?

Apollo mission controlOf course the lunar landings were the epitome of a team accomplishment, but no doubt there were brilliant engineers making significant individual contributions.  I always think the team sets up the individual, but can never take her place.  Have we reached the end of 'genius'?  Looking around me, I don't think so...

Heh: selfies are awesome.  "I take a lot of selfies. You know why? Because I’m fucking adorable."

space disintegrator gun and helmetThose were the days: space disintegrator gun and helmet.  I feel like I'd want one of those right now (and yeah, I'd take a selfie with it :)

Scott "Dilbert" Adams: the user interface to reality.  "Today when I hear people debate the existence of God, it feels exactly like debating whether the software they are using is hosted on Amazon's servers or Rackspace."  Both subjects certainly prove strong feelings!

3D-printed Barbie armorThe perfect use for a 3D-printer: making Barbie armor!  Wow, this is genius.  I wonder if we could print her a disintegrator gun?

Meanwhile another great use: 3D-printing ice cream!  I am not making this up.  Where do I get one?  (This happened at MIT, I hope my Caltech brethren are paying attention.)

Oh, and this company lets you print selfies on toast!  Seriously.  Just when you think you've heard it all...

Mo*Math robot swarmRobot swarm descends on NYC's museum of math.  Excellent.

Weird to think the compute power of these little robots probably exceeded that of an Apollo space capsule, right?

An article in Salon (!) examines the recently announced Tesla Model 3.  Less expensive, and with a range of 200+ miles, this could be the mainstream electric car everyone has been waiting for.  We'll see... I haven't seen any pictures of this car yet, only rumors and mockups.

Airbus' electric jetAlso electrifying: Airbus' shows off its largest (A308) and smallest planes at the Farnborough air show, including a new electric "jet".  How cool is that?

Apparently Airbus sold 496 planes for $75.3B at this show.  That's a pretty successful exhibit.  Whew.

I'm going to have to work on this: how to get ahead by speaking vaguely.  Fortunately among our political leaders there are many good examples :)

ZooBorn: South African fur seal pupZooBorn of the day: a little South African fur seal pup.  Aww, he's so cute! 

(but probably, a lot oftrouble :)


Le Tour 2014, stage 15: Kristoff wins transition stage as break caught with 20m to go

Sunday,  07/20/14  11:17 AM

Jack Bauer and Martin Elminger led the field all day, only to be caught with 20m to goArgh!  These transition stages can be nail-biters; today on Le Tour featured a long flat run through Provence, with a dead flat sprint into Nimes.  A stage for Marcel Kittel or Andre Griepel for sure, right?  But then a two-man break nearly ... nearly! ... got away, as the peloton's chase was slowed by rain and roundabouts.  Jack Bauer and Martin Elminger rode hard all day and at first it seemed they would surely be caught, and then it seemed they would make it to the finish!  But heartbreakingly they were caught, with 20m to go... and Alexender Kristoff led the field sprint across the line.  Whew.

the peloton cruise through Provence on stage 15Tomorrow is the tour's second rest day, and then Tuesday the race resumes with three stages in the Pyrenees!

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Le Tour 2014, stage 14: Majka triumphs, GC solidifies

Saturday,  07/19/14  09:29 PM

the peloton in the high Alps on stage 14 of the 2014 Tour de FranceToday's second Alpine stage of the 2014 Tour de France provided more climbing fireworks.  Rafal Majka survived three tremendous climbs from a seventeen-man break to win, after finishing second yesterday.  He is giving team Tinkoff-Saxo something to celebrate after losing leader Alberto Contador back in stage 10.  Vincenzo Nibali added to his overall lead by finishing second, and the rest of the GC compacted and solidified...  Alejandro Valverde is still second (now at 4:37), Romain Bardet is till third (4:50), also in yellow, and also the top French rider, Thibaut Pinot is still fourth (5:06), and Tejay Van Garderen is still fifth (5:49) after another strong ride in the mountains.

Joaquim Rodriques crests the Col d'Izouard ahead of Alexendre De Marche on the way to a polka dot jerseyMeanwhile Joaquim Rodriguez recaptured the climber's polka dot jersey by taking all the early climb points (including leading across the top of the Col d'Izouard, and claiming the prize for the first rider over the highest point of the tour).  He is now tied with Majka, and that might be an interesting competition when the Tour reaches the Pyrenees.  Another interesting competition is the best young rider, between Bardet and Pinot, who are also battling for a podium spot and ... best Frenchman!

Tomorrow is a long transition stage (aka, watch out for Marcel Kittel and Andre Greipel), and Monday is the Tour's second rest day.  After that ... the Pyrenees for three days!  Stay tuned.

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the real world

Friday,  07/18/14  09:26 PM

I've been happily working away on my new company, watching Le Tour and the World Cup, but meanwhile in the real world, things are not good.  In fact, they're very not good.

airliner shot down by military missles in the UkraineOf course this morning's tragedy was not good; pro-Russian militants in Ukraine shot down a passenger jet (or possibly, the Russian military).  Depending on your point of view, this was an isolated disaster, a mistake, or an unfortunate consequence of letting the situation in Ukraine escalate into badness.

illegal immigrants with nowhere to goBut there is a lot more which is not good.  Our President is refusing to enforce our immigration laws, exacerbating an already difficult situation.  I'll have more to say about the need for having borders and restricting immigration, but I'll just note that few of us would let strangers come and live in our homes, no matter how sympathetic we might be to their plight.

Israel retaliates against Palestinian missle sites in GazaBroken US foreign policy is also responsible for another slow motion train crash, the situation in Gaza, which has unfolded with brutal moral clarity.  That anyone thinks the Palestinians can govern themselves after the ongoing disaster there is difficult to imagine, and that anyone blames Israel for defending themselves against senseless aggression is even harder.

Lois Lerner testifies about the lost emails ... which presumably reinforced reports of IRS subversionThis has happened against a backdrop of incredible news about our government: spying on civilians, spying on foreign governments, IRS subversion and lying, and a general disregard for the law.

American unemployment: the statisticsAnd the economy?  We pissed away $7B for a stimulus which expanded our government tremendously but did little to actually stimulate anything; unemployment remains high, our economy remains stagnant, and we have an incredible new debt load to service.  The bill for Obamacare has yet to be paid, and the Medicare time bomb will soon explode.

President ObamaI'm generally optimistic and under-react to things, but it is hard to disagree with Victor Davis Hanson: in Obama's America "scandals now come so fast that each new mess makes us forget the previous one".  Let's hope we all don't forget how this all unfolded the next time we visit the ballot box.


Le Tour 2014, stage 13: Nibali wins on HC final climb, solidifies hold on yellow

Friday,  07/18/14  08:12 PM

Vincenzo Nibali wins stage 13 and solidifies his lead in Le Tour 2014Stage 13 of Le Tour 2014 was the first "real" mountain stage, with a Cat 1 hors d'oeuvre 40K out and a 20K HC final climb to the finish.  It promised some interesting GC dynamics, a decanting of the contenders to determine who was really in to finish on the podium, and it did not disappoint.  When the dust settled Vincenzo Nibali won the stage and solidified his hold on the yellow jersey, overtaking attackers Leopold Konig and Rafal Majka on the final ramps to the finish.  Alejandro Valverde ended up second (3:37) with best young rider Romain Bardet in third (4:24).  Thibaut Pinot and Tejay Van Garderen now round out the top five.


Le Tour 2014, stage 12: Kristoff nips Sagan on another lumpy day; GC unchanged

Thursday,  07/17/14  11:02 PM

Alexender Kristoff battles Peter Sagan to the finish of stage 12Another lumpy day, another chance for Peter Sagan to win a stage, and another disappointment for him as Alexander Kristoff barely beat him to the line in the final sprint.  Behind them a tired peleton continued to recover with the GC unchanged.  It might have been the least eventful day so far in what has been a most eventful tour, marking the overall halfway point.

The peleton cruises before the AlpsAnd it gets more interesting from here, as we have the first real mountain stage in the Alps tomorrow, ending with an HC climb to the finish.  Yippee.

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