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never forget

Wednesday,  09/11/19  07:46 PM


never forget

Now more than ever



never forget

Tuesday,  09/11/18  11:11 AM


Never Forget

what happened, and what we are up against



never forget

Monday,  09/11/17  12:03 AM


I will never forget
I hope none of us do
We must remain ever vigilant
Freedom is not free



not liking not liking

Saturday,  06/10/17  01:37 PM

Hi all.  Still missing in action, I know*.

Anyway a quick update: I am not liking Not Liking.  I was about to do it, and it didn't feel right.  If you my friends want to post crappy crap about politics, who am I to judge.  I might not like it, but I won't Not Like it**.

* I'm either too busy or my priorities are messed up, possibly probably both.  I mean, I haven't even blog-bragged about sailing in Tahiti yet, and that was already a month ago.  Sigh.  And I haven't blogged about Tom Dumoulin winning the Giro, and about ... a lot.  But please stay tuned...

** I still reserve the right to hide your feed.  But you would never know, bwa ha ha.


not liking

Tuesday,  05/30/17  11:50 PM

not likeHi blog public, how are y'all?  Sorry I've been missing; what can I say, I've been busy.  Tales for another time.

Today I am feeling feisty about all the crappy politics on Facebook.  I've borderline stopped visiting just because of it.  Some of my friends are stuck on politics all the time, and just have to sound off into their little echo chamber.  People on both sides, but mostly liberals who still haven't absorbed the results of the last election.  Yeah you know who you are.

So anyway here's what I'm going to do.  I'm inventing a little rating system.  Everyone starts at 10, because, well, they're my friends.  From there, I'll +1 if I like something they've posted, and -1 if I don't like something.  (A "Not Like".)  This will be for political posts which are just blasts into the echo chamber.  (Another way to get a -1: post a text-only "picture" with some random saying.)

Here's how I'm going tally my ratings:  For a Like, I'll click Like.  For a Not Like, I'll post a comment: Not Like : N, where N = that person's new rating.  If someone drops below zero, I'm going to unfollow them.  They'll still be my friend, but I won't be viewing their posts anymore.  I might miss a cute picture of their kids or a great book recommendation, but such is life. 

Anyway this will be my little experiment, we'll see how it works out.  Please stay tuned!

[Update: I never did this.  I was about to, once, and didn't like how it felt.  Onward!]


space-ing out

Sunday,  04/16/17  04:39 PM

Happy Easter everyone, hope you're having a nice day.  I slept in, watched Amstel Gold (congratulations, Phillipe!, wow), and have been working away here quietly, awaiting the familial invasion a bit later.

While I was out not blogging there was a bunch of stuff that happened in and around space, so I thought I'd space out a little bit...

National Geographic: colonizing MarsNot least among the interesting space stuff, National Geographic published a phenomenal supplement on the subject of colonizing Mars.  Check it out in case you're thinking of going there :)

Astonishing video from NASA/JPL: Four days at Saturn.  Wow.  Yes, you must watch it full screen.

UranusFrom NASA: the Shakespearean Moons of Uranus.  I think sometimes Jupiter and Saturn get all the press, but Uranus is actually pretty amazing.  It has 27 [known] moons, including Oberon and Titania, which are larger than all of Saturn's moons other than Titan.  And Uranus does have rings like Saturn, and does have a bright spot like Jupiter.

Titan's methane lakesAnd speaking of Titan, it has liquid lakes! - but they're filled with methane, not water.  And yeah, they could support some weird "life".

If any more were needed: Another good reason to sail the seas of Titan.  (life!)

But just so you know: We're probably imagining aliens wrong.

I thought the aliens in Arrival were pretty cool.  From Stephen Wolfram: How might the Alien spacecraft work?

NASA's New Horizons set to explore the Kuiper Belt.  Cool!  This is an encore performance for the space probe, after having sent those incredibly detailed pictures of Pluto.  Onward!

Juno enters orbit around JupiterMeanwhile, after 1.7B miles, Juno nails its Jupiter orbit to within ten miles.  Pretty good shot :)  The burn time was 35 minutes, and it was off by one second.

Sadly: Juno was a success - but there is precious little coming after it.  "The party is just about over. NASA, and more particularly the Obama administration, have failed to invest in future planetary science missions."  It is my sense that like a lot of the Obama administration, NASA substituted PR for accomplishment.

Andoria - NASA's second favorite Star Trek planet (but it's a moon)From NASA: Top 10 Star Trek planets chosen by our scientists.  This would be cute if there were manned launches taking place every few months, but since we are now relying on Russian rockets to visit the ISS, it's pathetic.  I think NASA thinks we don't know the difference between what they should be doing and Star Trek.

PS their #1 was Vulcan, showing a shallow familiarity with the Star Trek universe...

PPS their #2 was Andoria, a good choice, but a moon, not a planet...

NASA fantasy: a moon-orbiting spaceportSee now this is just sad: NASA just unveiled plans for its moon-orbiting spaceport.  What moon-orbiting spaceport?  There is NO plan to create a moon-orbiting spaceport, and in fact, no plan to create a rocket capable of reaching the moon from Earth.  Our tax dollars at work play.  Sad.

Apropos, from science fiction author chrishanger: Stupidity on Space.  "... if you genuinely care about Earth’s ecology, moving into space is the best possible solution.His blog has become a favorite of mine...

SpaceX to Mars!Meanwhile, there is hope: Elon Musk and SpaceX announce details of plan to colonize Mars.  In seven years!

Teslarati: the challenges involved in a mission to Mars.  News you may be able to use :)

Earth in high def, viewed from the ISSCloser to home (well, depending on where you live :), here's an ultra high def view of Earth, from the ISS.  Most definitely best full screen on a huge monitor.

RIP: John Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth, dies at 95.

Parenthetically, I thought Missing Figures was one of the best movies I've seen recently... and Glenn was apparently accurately portrayed.

And finally, here we have the USS Enterprise in mind-blowing detail.  To boldly go everywhere.  Will we be alive to see it?  I hope so!

USS Enterprise - click to enbiggen
(click to enbiggen amazingly)




Sunday,  04/16/17  01:29 PM


Happy Easter!
may you spend it peacefully with your family and those you love



Cassini revisited

Saturday,  04/15/17  03:40 PM

JPL is counting down the days to the scheduled end of Cassini's mission in September.  Erik Wenquist created this awe-inspiring overview of Cassini's final months of existence:


I think the Cassini / Huygens mission is one of the greatest accomplishments of the human race.  Unbelievable, and a hopeful harbinger of the future...  Let's colonize Titan!  (I'm in...)



full bloom

Saturday,  04/15/17  03:30 PM


With all the rain we've had this winter, the California hills have exploded into flower
(could be time for a bike ride)

[via Horse's Mouth]



Tesla charging

Saturday,  04/15/17  03:01 PM


Hehe.  Just saw where Tesla officially becomes America's most valuable car company. Wow. I first read about this in Fortune's "daily CEO email", in which they quoted an analysts as saying "Tesla isn't valued like other car company stocks, they're valued on hope." But that isn't right, all stocks are valued on hope, and Tesla brings more than most!



golden day

Saturday,  04/15/17  02:40 PM

ReginaldIt's a golden day here; a quiet Saturday with nothing to do but read, maybe go for a ride, and maybe do a little coding... or blogging!  What could be better.

Feline PSA: Cats experience less stress when they have boxes.  SBI.  (And also, sun... :)

Reading the Economist: Prescription for the future, how hospitals could be rebuilt, better than before.  "We have reached the peak of bringing patients to the healing centres - our hospitals, … We are on the brink of bringing the healing to patients."  Indeed.

The cover story of this Economist was Why computers will never be safe, an interesting if somewhat shallow thesis, featuring more anecdotes than philosophy.

Philips whole slide scanner for digital pathologyBig news from my old world: FDA allows marketing of first whole slide imaging system for digital pathology.  Congratulations to Philips  I’ve always thought that FDA approval, while most important, would not be a tipping point. The economics have to be there first.  But now we will see!

how to get rich (as a country)Powerline links how to get rich, a video from the Center of Freedom and Prosperity Foundation.  "No country has even gotton rich through high taxes, big government, and onerous regulation."  And yet this lesson has not been learned.

Josh Newman: Zero, his recipe for how many emails your inbox should contain.  "I’m always shocked by those inboxes, which inevitably contain thousands (or even tens of thousands) of read and unread emails... indeed, if you’re a clean-desk type, I’d suspect you, too, would feel similar peace of mind from an equally minimalist inbox."  YMMV ... I use my inbox as a todo list, and try to keep less than 100 emails in it at any time.  But I do read them all within a few hours...

I am always perplexed by people who "hate email", and who are always looking for a tool to "manage email".  Actually they just hate having a lot of stuff to do, and are looking for better time management :)

the Trappist-1 system, with seven Earth-sized planets around a single starNASA: the largest batch of Earth-size, hapitable zone planets has been found; seven around a single star.  Excellent.  No signs of life yet, but you never know; maybe their life hasn't evolved to sending radio waves yet ;0

dreamride...!Diamondback Bikes: Dreamride.  A great ad, not only for Diamondback, but for cycling!

And speaking of cycling and golden days, tomorrow is the Amstel Gold race!  Who are you picking?  Me, I'm going with Phillipe Gilbert, to double up on his amazing Tour of Flanders win a couple of weeks ago... stay tuned!




Sunday,  04/09/17  11:45 PM




Roubaix day

Sunday,  04/09/17  10:17 PM

Greg Van Avermaet wins Paris RoubaixHappy Paris-Roubaix day!  Did you watch?  Did you love it?  (Do you have any idea what this is all about?)

Congrats to Greg Van Avermaet, he is having a great year, and dominating the classics, as he dominated today.  And wow what a race!

Today was Tom Boonen's last day as a professional in the peloton, he finished sixth, not bad, but not on the top step of the podium as he had hoped.  He brings his magnificant career to a close at Roubaix, the race which he has won four times.

Fabian Cancellara wins time trial at Rio OlympicsThe ultimate example of going out on top was Fabian Cancellara winning gold in the Rio Olympics time trial.  Another great career ended in perfect fashion; the Swiss time machine rang the bell one more time.

And speaking of Van Avermaet and Rio, I wasn't blogging back then, but the road race was pretty much the best race ever.  A great route with a mix of terrain made for a wide-open race, it wasn't a race for sprinters, or climbers, or strong men, or anyone ... it was a race for everyone.  Yay.

The women's race was great too; Anna van de Breggen won, for the Netherlands (yay), but her teammate Annemiek van Vleuten was on her way to possible victory when she suffered a horrible crash.  Fortunately she was okay.  Whew.

Well so much for cycling, what else is happening?

President Trump ordered a Tomahawk missile strike against the Syrian air base from which it is believed that a chemical weapons attack was launched against Syrian civilians.  Whether you agree with this action, you have to agree: yay, we have a President again!  That message will be much more important than the strike itself.

We also have a full Supreme Court again; President Trump's nominee Neil Gorsuch was confirmed as a replacement for Antonin Scalia, after the Senate voted to repeal the ability to filibuster confirmation hearings.  So much winning.

Walt Mossberg with Steve JobsWalt Mossberg is retiring in June.  The most influential tech journalist of all time; he will be missed.

Apple Mac Pro - over due for an updateJohn Gruber reports: The Mac Pro Lives.  So be it.  This strikes me as "announceware", something Apple hardly ever do.  A clear sign of weakness, IMHO; they have lost the edge at the high end of the market, and they know it.

In case you were wondering: Why climate change models are so horrendous.  "Among the culprits are a failure to accurately account for clouds and the Sun, two things which, in Earth science, are kind of a big deal."  There may be global warming taking place, and some of it may be influenced by the actions of men, but the vast majority of "climate science" is junk, influenced by politics.

New you can [maybe] use: Robert X Cringley explains How to Get Rich Trading Bitcoin.  "My new Bitcoin trading strategy, which I admit I have only tried so far on paper... when Bitcoin value goes down, BUY!  When Bitcoin prices rise SELL!"  There you have it, buy low, sell high; who knew?

Seth Godin: The Candy Diet.  "The bestselling novel of 1961 was Allen Drury's Advise and Consent.  Millions of people read this 690-page political novel.  In 2016, the big sellers were coloring books."  A thoughtful discourse... but maybe just evidence for Unnatural Selection?

Harmony of the Seas ... damn, that's an ugly ship!I have to agree: Damn, that's an ugly ship!  [via the Horse's Mouth]



Sunday,  04/02/17  12:07 PM

Day two of reblogging, still just possibly back.  Thanks for the "welcome back" emails though, very nice.

Economist: Trump golf coverThese are tough days at the Economist, who have seen Brexit, Theresa May, and now Donald Trump all happen in opposition to their wishes; they are apparently going the way of the New Yorker, doubling down instead of trying to understand.  Sad, actually.

Spengler (David Goldman): Fake News, Failed States, and 'America First'.  "One would have thought that a 90-day suspension of immigration from seven countries with minimal economic ties to the United States would be minor news.  It has to be the best thing an American president has done since Ronald Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, because all the people I dislike have gone bat-guano crazy."  Only thing is, in my case a lot of the people I like have gone there, too... (not to mention a couple of the magazines I like...)

Did you know?  A guide to Trump's first 17 executive orders.  If you read the Economist you might not know it, but he's doing what he said he would do.

Including this: Nikki Haley puts U.N. on Notice: U.S. is 'Taking Names'.  About time.

Jeff Bust: I am deplorable, and I am happier with my vote every day.  Me, too.

Daniel Dennett, Philosopher of the SoulBut this is why I still read the New Yorker: Daniel Dennett's Science of the Soul.  Dennett is one of my very favorite authors, going all the way back to The Mind's I, and including Darwin's Dangerous Idea and Consciousness Explained.  A great article.

Daring Fireball reports Upcoming is back.  So be it.  An interesting restart; they were launched in 2003 (before Facebook), acquired two years later by Yahoo, and shut down in 2013.  And now they're back as an independent.  Yahoo must have done this to tens even hundreds of little businesses, so sad.

Dutch hyperloop team's experimentExcellent!  Dutch team wins Elon Musk's SpaceX Hyperloop competition.  The embedded video is a must-watch... how cool.  Elon and the things he's started are amazing.

I haven't been blogging, but I noted Apple's crappy year in 2016, did you, too?  Of course they are still an amazing company with amazing products, and one of the most valuable in the world, but they did not release a lot of interesting stuff.  That might mean they've lost their mojo, or it might mean the next iPhone is around the corner :)

However, Jean-Louis Gassee thinks the iPad turnaround is coming.  We shall see.

Ringling Bros: the end of the elephantsWhile I was out: The circus is over.  It appears that the long decline was hastened by elimination of elephants; a key draw, but one which raised the ire of animal activists.

A.I. vs M.D. - the nature of diagnosisIn the New Yorker: A.I. vs M.D., a musing on the nature of diagnosis and the prospects of machine intelligence, from Siddhartha Mukherjee, author of The Emperor of All Maladies, about cancer, which won the Pulitzer Prize.  It defies TL;DR-ing but I think you will find it worth a read. 

While I was away, and ongoing, there has been a debate in the blogosphere about blogs and blog-like sites such as Medium and Tumblr.  In the background of this, to tweet or not to tweet, and the role of Facebook.  John Battelle thinks we got it right the first time, and then we fucked it up.  I agree, but who is "we", John, some of us have kept right on blogging :)

Although I have admit I have dabbled in Facebooking instead of blogging - not the same.

Related, from Danny Sullivan, 10 big changes with search engines over my 20 years of covering them.

floating hotel roomWow, this looks like one for me: Amazing floating hotel allows guests to sail away in their own private yachts.  Who's with me?

Philippe Gilbert wins Flanders in a solo attack with 55km to go!And finally, congrats to Phillipe Gilbert, who won today's Tour of Flanders in a blazing solo attack with 55km to go!  Unbelievable, a race for the ages, with "everyone" present - Peter Sagan, Greg van Avermaet, Tom Boonen...  nobody wins with a 55km attack, ever.  Wow.



(NY 11/20/16) private plane

Sunday,  04/02/17  12:02 PM

I have thought this myself, many times :)



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