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Thursday,  01/26/23  09:01 PM

This picture is called "straight lines".  Whoa.  Almost feel the pull of local gravity bending the light...

Slashdot: what happens when an AI generates designs for PC cases?  This!  Excellent... 

I wonder about the design constraints ... would these be buildable, and would they work (cooling, power, etc.)?

MarkTechPost: Top innovative AI powered healthcare companies.  Such an explosion of these, some are doing great work and creating value, others will be gone with nary a mark left.  Investor appetite for these is high. 

For example: MIT researchers develop an AI model that can detect future lung cancer risk.  Early detection translates into better outcomes for patients. 

This makes so much sense: Smart TVs as digital health devices.  All you need is a camera+microphone.  The pointing device on modern remotes is more than good enough for input. 

And AI in medical imaging market projected to reach $20.9B by 2030

I think I mentioned this already: Microsoft expands 'multibillion dollar' deal with OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT.  $10B.  They also just laid off 10,000 people.  That $10B might have paid the salaries of those 10,000 people for 10 years.  But this is clearly strategic, and some of the things Microsoft decided not to keep doing - like AR/VR - are not. 

Fox: California reels from string of mass shootings despite having some of the strictest gun laws in US.  So, we need even more laws, right? 

Jeremy Clarkson: We're in the midst of a coup. Who the hell’s behind it?  Huh. 

Brad Feld reviews Please report your bug here.  "I hope there are a lot more books like this. It balances startup stuff with the cynicism of the experience while placing it in a fictional world. It unexpectedly merges with believable near-term science fiction, which has a delicious parallel universe theme."  Sounds excellent, on the list! 

Dilbert gives relationship advice.  Hmmm... 

Interesting, from the Financial Times: We tried to run a social media site and it was awful.  They put up a Mastodon server and it was a lot of work.  And also, the legal, security, and reputational risks.  

Yet another reason, if any were needed, why I'd rather not host comments here.

Erik Sink continues his investigation into "native AOT" for .NET.  This time he considers storage allocation and objects.  Once again we see how much easier it is to have managed code and garbage collection :) 

Meanwhile, Tim Bray releases Quamina, an open-source pattern-matching library.  Glad to see he's keeping busy :) 

From the pages of history: Gorbachev and Louis Vuitton.  "Can there be any doubt who won the cold war?