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Thursday,  01/26/23  07:42 AM

Thanks for your comments on the comments? survey.  Please vote if you haven't already. 

I've dug into this a bit, and while it's possible to use Twitter as comments for a blog, it's not straightforward.  Wish it was and wish Twitter cared enought to make this easy - would be a great resource for news websites as well as blogs.  (Imagine if every Wikipedia page had one! :)

The perfect experience is, links to your blog posts appear on Twitter.  Each of these Tweets has a Reply button.  Each blog post has a Reply button, which does exactly what the Reply button on Twitter does.  Each of these Tweets has a link to display the Tweet and all its Replies.  Each blog post has a Comments button, which links back display the Tweet and all of its Replies.

Appears to do the parts in bold above I have to dive into the Twitter API, with oauth and application Ids and all the rest of it.  So be it.  I have applied to be an authorized Twitter developer.  Stay tuned...

[Update: yep, trying Mastodon...]