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Sunday,  11/01/09  11:15 AM

Halloween 2009 - Megan and companyWow, November.  October is over, Shirley's Birthday [was wonderful but] is over, Halloween is over.  Time to pay attention to football (although USC was massacred yesterday by Oregon, how crappy was that?), and baseball (although with the Phillies and Yankees in the series, I have no serious rooting interest except against New York).  Time to think about colder weather (can't just cycle in a light jersey anymore, boo) and darker evenings (can't just cycle at 5:00PM anymore, need to get on the road by 3ish).  It feels like a transition.

I love that I was blogging a year ago, and I love that I can just click and poof! see what I posted a year ago; I had a nice recap of October (Boo!).  I was in a reflective mood then too; recovering from being sicker than I've ever been, and from Shirley's birthday (in which she turned 50!) and dreading mine (in which I would turn 50, a big deal for me), and anticipating a business trip to Brazil! and a major birthday party!  And of course we had the big Presidential election about to take place.  I have a funny feeling if people knew then what they know now, Obama would not have been elected; it hasn't turned out the way they thought, has it?

So what do we look forward to now?  (I need to think about this carefully, because in a year I'll be reading it again :)  It feels a bit quieter than last year, doesn't it?  No election, no economic disaster looming; it has hit already, and bad as it is, it doesn't feel like it is going to get worse - we'll check how that turns out in a year.  At Aperio things are quieter / steadier, lots of work to do as always, clean growth, but nothing dramatic.  We'll see how that turns out in a year.  My family are all a year older and a year better, the girls are all doing great, each in their own way; the biggest thing I might have to worry about isn't something I'm worried about.  And as for me?  Well, maybe this month I'll make time for the mythical Project Q.  Let's hope, it would sure be great to look back a year from now and realize this was the moment I actually made time for it!

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