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Friday,  02/20/09  10:14 PM

Some quick notes while recuperating from today's perfect day at the ATOC Solvang TT...

This is pretty funny: the [aerodynamic] cost of water bottles.  I wish I was fast enough that the difference between having a bottle on a down tube and having a bottle on a seat tube mattered :)  Right now there are other things like the cheeseburger I had yesterday that seem to matter more :)

Darwin: very gradual change you can believe inYesterday I noted the wonderful Darwin: change over time poster.  Here's one that's even better: Darwin: very gradual change you can believe in.  I love it!

Maserati Quattroporte GTSPopular Mechanics reviews the Maserati Quattroporte GTS (and really likes it!)  But the Instapundit still thinks it looks like a Buick.  Which might say more about him than about the car :)

John Gruber: Untitled Document syndrome.  I agree with this on several fronts, first, the syndrome itself (there is friction associated with that first "save as"), but more importantly the principle behind the syndrome [paraphrasing] "you don't have to do much before you can do what you want to do".  This is a key principle in all computer design.  Get the user into doing what they want to do as fast as you can...

the TealOS brings the Pre experience to a CentroThis is rather intriguing: The TealOS brings the Pre experience to a Centro.  I must experiment with this, please stay tuned.  That would be pretty cool if true...

ZooBorn: baby MeerkatsZooBorn of the day: you can't go wrong with baby Meerkats.  Click through to see the video, it is pretty great; first, the baby Meerkats are awesomely cute, but also check out all the photographers; most of their lenses are bigger than the little animals :)

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