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Thursday,  02/19/09  11:38 PM

Greetings blog public, how are you all tonight?  I'm doing well; had a really productive day, holed up in my office, coding in English (email) and C++, and occasionally looking outside at what appeared to be a perfect day.  Finally mid-afternoon I couldn't stand it anymore and took off for a nice ride along Mulholland, and the views of the ocean were amazing (best part was coming back and seeing the snow on the mountains!)

And then tonight we watched the Tour of California, of course, stage 5, which was pretty boring; another bunch sprint and another victory for Mark Cavendish, ho hum...  but tomorrow will be excellent, because it is the Solvang time trial, and I'm going to be there!  Stay tuned for pictures, etc...  there are many questions, how fast will Lance be, and Floyd, and will Levi dominate again...  and watch out for Dave Zabriske!

It's official: "If the President is a Republican, it's fine to call him a 'chimp.' In fact, it's morally superior. But if the President is a Democrat, you can't call a chimpanzee a chimp lest someone think you might have been referring to the President."  Sigh. 

This is pretty amazing: Nearly intact mammoth skeleton found in L.A.  "The mammoth's fossil was among 16 deposits at the site that archaeologists wrapped, along with the surrounding dirt, in plaster jackets, creating 23 boxes weighing between 5 and 53 tons that were then lifted out intact.  The construction was being monitored by an archaeological consulting firm because the site is so close to the La Brea tar pits - an archeological site that has yielded 100 million bones belonging to 300 species of mammals and birds."  Just don't call it a chimp :) 

How awesome is this...  Darwin: change over time.  I love it, now that's change I can believe in! 

For this I've been waiting all my life: nerd merit badges!  The one at left is Inbox0, you earn it by emptying your inbox completely.  This is admittedly a hard one but there are others which are easier.  I can’t wait to have my entire jacket covered :) 

You might be a nerd if you think this is funny: QDB: top 100 quotes.  I am ROFL, but YMMV :) 

During my ride today I found myself listening to U2, With or Without You, and it prompted me to switch to listening to just U2 on random play.  Excellent stuff, and perfect for a nice ride on a nice day.  I see where U2's latest album "No line on the horizon" isn't out yet but is already available online via P2P...  I'll have to get it :) 

ZooBorn of the Day: A baby Chinese box turtle.  He will end up being about 6" in size and live for about 50 years.  Cute little fella...