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lust or love

Friday,  01/23/09  05:45 PM

Orbea Orca carbon build

This afternoon I tooled out to Camarillo Bike Company and test rode an Orbea Orca.  You know when you meet a new friend, sometimes it all seems easy, and you're surprised how comfortable you feel, and the awkwardness of a new relationship just melts away?  That's how it was for me.  This bike weighs 15lbs, it is stiff and solid, and it climbs like an elevator.  But it handles bumps and rough road easily and smoothly, and descends solidly and felt rock steady at 40mph.  After ten minutes I felt more comfortable than I've ever felt on any bike, including my nine-year-old Kestrel (on which I've put about 40,000 miles).  And ... well, it is beautiful, lithe curves and sensuous lines; pictures don't do it justice.  The kind of beauty you can't stop looking at :)  The one I rode had white trim, but afterward I went to the Orbea website and configured a custom order, I'm thinking I like the carbon gray color best.  (Although I must admit that blue is beautiful...)

Orca replaceable derailleur hangerThe design and workmanship of this machine is impressive.  And did I mention it has a removable derailleur hanger on the dropout?  Now there's a good idea...

So even while I am in the middle of having my Kestrel repaired (recovering from my weird disaster), I'm strongly considering a new relationship.  Not sure yet if this is lust or love, but I'm enjoying it so far :)

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