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Tuesday,  01/20/09  11:26 PM

One of those long days where I got up with the worms and go to sleep with the moon.  Kind of a quiet day...  and I'm exhausted.  You may find this post makes even less sense than usual :)

Obama sworn inSo we have a new President.  Yippee!  Congratulations to Mr. Obama; although I didn't vote for him I am totally rooting for him to be an excellent President.  He starts off with just about everyone on his side; Congress, the MSM, most Americans, and most people around the world, too.  Let's hope all that optimism can be translated into forward movement on the economy and other related problems like health care costs and alternative energy development.

Dave Winer: By dawn's early tweet.  "My first tweet of the day, unedited: 'Really feeling unhinged this morning. There was some security in GWB's mediocrity. Now, there won't be an excuse, it' s now - not later.'  It's true.  I've had an unsettled feeling.  Can't deny it, can't wish it away."  This is so true; ever since the really bad economic news started in late summer, we've all been waiting for a new President to turn things around.  Now we have one, and it's on.

So; an update on my weird disaster.  I found a place which can repair the Kestrel frame!  RR Velo in Watsonville, CA.  I spoke with Edgar Chavez the owner after emailing him pictures of the disaster; he has a machine shop and can make a new dropout, and he builds custom carbon frames so he can repair the old frame.  Yippee.  So I had the bike delivered to my local bike shop where they're stripping all the components off the frame, then shipping it to RR Velo.  After the frame is repaired it will be mailed back, the shop will reassemble it, and install a new derailleur in the back.  Should take about four weeks...  whew.  (And Murphy is not to be ignored, so stay tuned :)

Since I am bikeless and of course had to ride today, I rented a Cannondale from Laguna Cyclery and rode a little 25-miler through the Laguna Hills.  Really nice bike (!) and really nice ride.  Wow, the more I ride other newer bikes, the more I think maybe a new bike would be cool.  But I am definitely going to repair the old one if I can.

Throw your hard drive away, Google's Gdrive is arriving in 2009.  "Google Drive, or Gdrive as it is better known, has to be the most anticipated Google product so far. When it arrives, Gdrive will likely cause a major paradigm shift in how we use computers and bring Google one step closer to dethroning Windows on your desktop."  Huh, we'll see.  I predict it will be a dancing bear, cool enough for demos, but not fast enough for real work.

Weird idea of the day: Forget Yahoo, Microsoft should buy Palm.  I don't follow this logic at all.  Yahoo and Palm are very different companies; I think you have to evaluate each on its own merit.  It isn't like you have to buy one, or couldn't buy both.  Personally I think Microsoft is way more interested in competing against Google (buy Yahoo) than against Apple and RIM (buy Palm).

Wind power: old and newAn awesome picture: 19th Century vs 21st Century Wind Power.

ZooBorn: baby stingrayAnd the ZooBorn of the day: stingray baby!

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