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Rain!  It never rains in California, but girl, don't they warn ya, it pours, man it pours...

... and presently, it is raining in more ways than one ...

I used to like clicking my One Year Ago button a lot, but since I hardly did any blogging last year it hasn't been too interesting.  Two Years Ago same thing.  But Three Years Ago I was blogging, and I like my Happy Thanksgiving note from that time.  Worth rereading in this time: 

My glass is actually overflowing.
Odd that I notice that so seldom.

Powerline notes History makes way for Obama-worship at the NYTimes.  It is definitely true that "the paper of record" is rather forgetful and lazy when it comes to their own record. 

Related: Poll shows most consider web most reliable source of news.  Ya think?  It definitely isn't the NYTimes anymore, if it ever was... 

Ann Althouse ponders $7.7T.  That is a big number; "half the value of everything produced in the nation last year."  Wow. 

ScienceDaily reports Global Warming Predictions Are Overestimated.  "A detailed analysis of black carbon -- the residue of burned organic matter -- in computer climate models suggests that those models may be overestimating global warming predictions... The findings are significant because soils are by far the world's largest source of carbon dioxide, producing 10 times more carbon dioxide each year than all the carbon dioxide emissions from human activities combined."  Huh.  Could Al Gore possibly be wrong?  [ thanks, Gary! ] 

Inhabitat has more on the Better Place deal with Silicon Valley: California to become the electric vehicle capital of the US.  "Recently the cities of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland unveiled a massive concerted effort to become the electric vehicle capitol of the United States! This groundbreaking development heralds a nine-step plan that includes everything from buying fully electric vehicles for all government transportation to expediting the approval of charging outlets throughout the bay area, including those located on the street. The creation of this essential infrastructure marks a huge step towards the acceptance of electric vehicles as a viable alternative to those that run on fossil fuel."  There is much to do, but it will be way cool if it comes to pass...  I especially note the inclusion of Los Angeles and San Diego in the galactic plan.  The key to adoption will be economics; if they can make electric cars as cheap as gas, they have a chance... 

TTAC has pics of the new Porsche Panamerica, their first four-door.  Well, I don't think it is as ugly as some, but it's no threat to the Maserati Quattroporte, is it?  The whole 911 design just doesn't really lend itself to a bigger car... 

Autoblog gets ahold of a Tesla, and does a review...  great car, but I do not like it in orange.  That color should be illegal. 

Great News: CNN reports Cancer Rates Fall.  "Rates of new cancer diagnoses and deaths for U.S. men and women have both fallen for the first time, according to a new report from leading cancer and medical research organizations.  The annual report, published online Tuesday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, showed the simultaneous drop in overall cancer incidence and mortality for the first time since reporting began in 1998, the study authors said."  Excellent...  I'm sure we'll hear more about this.