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three years ago

Sunday,  01/29/06  09:10 PM

While I was out, I passed my three year blogiversary.  I started blogging January 1, 2003.  So that means on any given day, it is possible to see what I wrote last year, two years ago - and now - three years ago!  Wow.  I added a little link over there on the right for three years ago.  Pretty cool.

I'm going to have to do something about the archive pages, the calendar is fine, but choosing a month from a list is getting unwieldy.  Oh well, that's a nice problem to have.  Another mishegosh, if you will :)

And, in other useless blog-format news, I eliminated the blogroll from my navbar.  Poof!  I really don't think blogrolls matter in 2006, do they?  I mean, RSS and OPML are the way to go.  I do still have my blogroll page for those of you looking for my blog recommendations...