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about me, again

Saturday,  02/11/23  10:14 AM

It was time - I have updated "about me", the very first page I posted, 20 years ago.  I wish I'd kept a history of all the changes (maybe the Wayback machine has?)

The picture at left has served as "my picture" for the last nine years, me in my first Tesla.  Nickname: "Ole, driven".

The picture at right is me, now; from last summer at the J/70 World Championship sailing regatta, hosted by the Royal Monaco Yacht Club.  (We finished 28th, yay).  Nickname: "Ole, Monaco YC".

There have been some other changes too; the main one is I'm no longer working for Teladoc and am looking for a new job.

But most things about me haven't changed; living in the same place, married to the same person (!), same kids, etc.  I still like coding, still like using technology to improve people's lives, and still like sailing and cycling.  Reading old posts does not seem I've changed that much; maybe I have lived a bit longer and experienced a few things in the meantime :)