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Wednesday,  01/01/03  01:53 AM

drivenHi, I'm Ole Eichhorn.  I live in Westlake Village, California, which is about 45 miles north-west of Los Angeles, with my wife and a small menagerie of pets.  We have four daughters, one in college, three out, and one [adorable] granddaughter.  I've spent most of my life coding and herding coders.  In between I sail and ride bikes.  You can e-mail me here.

I am the Head of Technical Research at Teladoc Health, the leading provider of telehealth solutions, after its acquisition of InTouch Health, which I'd joined as CTO in 2016.  We are improving healthcare for the world!

Previously I was founder and CEO of eyesFinder, a startup making Visual Search a reality.  eyesFinder was founded in 2014, after I'd spent twelve years as CTO of Aperio (which was acquired by Leica), the leader in Digital Pathology.

Previous to Aperio I was with PayPal (SVP/Engineering), Intuit (General Manager of web finance subsidiary), Digital Insight (VP/Engineering), and XP Systems (VP/Development).  You can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more.

I am philosophical about software and I am writing thinking about writing a book.

My business teachers are Clayton Christianson (The Innovator's Dilemma, The Innovator's Solution) and Geoffrey Moore (Crossing the Chasm, Living on the Fault Line).

My philosophy gurus are Douglas Hofstadter (Godel, Escher, Bach), Richard Dawkins (The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker) and Daniel Dennett (Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Consciousness Explained).

Things I like:

  • travel
  • simplicity
  • children
  • cats
  • wine
  • puzzles
  • markets
  • elegance

Things I dislike:

  • routine
  • complexity
  • self-righteousness
  • fundamentalism
  • whining
  • cheats
  • legislation
  • kludginess

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