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Saturday,  03/21/20  11:27 PM

keep calm and stay groundedHi blog public, how y'all doing?  Staying home and safe, I hope ... and so is this a weird time or what?

Seems like only a week ago I was posting "seems like the whole world has shut down", and indeed it has.  About the only thing that hasn't is telemedicine; my company Teladoc (InTouch Health) has had by far its busiest week ever, with a flood of new orders and session and server traffic through the ceiling.  Exciting and scary to be living at the tip of the spear, so to speak.  And I think this is the new normal; even after the pandemic crisis abates, telehealth adoption will have permanently inflected.

And so today I escaped for a bike ride, and read a bit, and ... blogged!

By far the best thing about the CoronavirusThe way ordinary people have responded.  Everyone is nicer, more patient, more understating, more willing to help.  It's a pleasure to be a human being right now, as we unite against this horrible pandemic.

What's been your best experience so far?  Focus on it, blog about it, post to your Twitter or Facebook.  It's so nice to read about other people being nice.

For example: some people are putting their holiday lights back up to bring joy and hope.

By far the worst thing about the crisisThe US mainstream media response.  Most seem absolutely determined to hit us over the head with their negative opinion of President Trump, regardless of the relevance.  Whether you like him or hate him, you cannot condone this unprofessional behavior.

Sadly for them and fortunately, most Americans see through this and approve of our President's actions.

For example: Google debunks false claims that it is not developing a national website to track coronavirus
Apropos: We're paying the price for the death of journalism.

From Lab Soft News: Some Details about an Emerging Healthcare Service - Hospital-at-Home.  Enabled by telehealth technology!

Wahoo for ZwiftNews I can use: the best smart bikes for Zwift.  I'm going to get one ... just haven't decided yet which one.  And by the way, Peleton is all very exciting, but they have a closed network; you can only ride Peleton courses and take Peleton classes and only on a Peleton bike.  Zwift is wide open, and it's where all the pros are riding to keep in shape.

First place right now: the Wahoo, because it tilts with the terrain.

kayak through icebergsMore news for me: Tour 5 National parks from home.  Honestly put on your headphones, maximize your browser (F11), and enjoy.  WOW.  Kayak through icebergs!

Congratulations to Powerline on their 1 billionth pageview.  Quite a few of those are mine...  Onward!

SpaceX-ing out: successful deployment of 60 [more] Starlink satellites confirmed.  When we're all working from home, we're all going to need high bandwidth and low latency.

21st century headlines: NASA fixes Mars lander by telling it to hit itself with a shovel.  I love it.

all objects in our solar system, mappedVisual Capitalist: Mapped: every object in our Solar System.  Awesome! - click to enbiggen amazingly.  (Does not include all the Starlink satellites ... yet!)

So there's a new iPad Pro, and if you want you can see it on your own desk.  I tried it and poof there it was.  I love the way it figures out where the surface is, that's much more impressive than the actual VR somehow.  Try it!

Waiting for Mandalorian Season 2 and finished rewatching Season 1?  Okay then, here you can watch a combination trailer for Season 2 and making-of for Season 1.

I have to confess, I did rewatch Season 1 already, and it was better the second time.  Just great, spare storytelling.

Well that's all folks... stay safe everyone.

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