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Wednesday,  04/15/15  09:54 PM

The Ole filter makes a pass...

interplanetary superhighwayNASA: Interplanetary superhighway makes space travel simpler.  Where by "simpler" they mean using less fuel and taking less time.  I love Langrange points, they are so cool :)

SpaceX liftoff!Did you catch SpaceX's launch on Monday?  Very exciting, and beamed live in HD to 100,000 internet watchers like me.  The launch itself was flawless and the Dragon spacecraft is on its way to resupply the International Space Station.  Of even more excitement or novelty was the landing of the first stage; SpaceX has been trying to perfect reusing them by landing them on a barge.  They got close but at the last minute the rocket tilted over and exploded.  Next time!

And so Hillary Clinton is running for President, again.  Yawn.  One of the things I love about having blogged for 12 years (!) is revisiting old posts via my "flight" feature, which shows what I posted each year on this day, and I found this one from seven years ago: "Got an interesting email from Brian entitled 'why Hillary will never close the deal'.  His bottom line, with which I agree: people will never like her."  Still true.

Also prescient, from the same post: "I am increasingly not liking Obama either; the victimology he espouses is a badness. To me the worst aspect of his 'bitter' remarks wasn't the condescending tone, it was the implication that if people are unhappy it is someone else's fault."  Still true, too.

batting average recordIt's baseball season!  Yay.  A cool use of graphics: How many years will baseball records last?  With these charts you can see the relative impossibility of breaking some of them; for example, the batting average record of .426 set by Nap Lajoie is nearly 100 years old, and won't likely be approached any time soon.

Of all of these the one which will *never* be broken is complete games, 48 by Jack Chesbro in 1904.  You can take that to the bank.

Boing Boing circa 1993Screen shot of Boing Boing, circa 1993.  At that time it was a BBS on The Well.  Wow, I remember this!  And how well do I remember NetTerm, too...  I used to be the expert at Hayes Modem command strings :)

I love that this "screen shot" was an actual film photograph.

How to use HTML5 Drag & Drop (for file uploads).  Great tutorial with just the right amount of detail.  For you to use and for me to find later!

Jaguar Cub is a mouthfulToo cute: Jaguar Cub is a mouthful.  Jaguar Moms seem to have evolved effective disciplinary methods :)

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