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ones and zeros

Tuesday,  03/10/15  09:42 PM

I've been coding on something cool, it's a lot of fun.  A rickety quick-and-dirty mechanism is slowly being torn down and replaced by a solid structure, layer by layer.  Not earth shattering but quite satisfying.  Teaching the zeros and ones to dance :)

And meanwhile, it's all happening...

My day two thoughts about Apple have evolved a little from yesterday, but in the same direction.  The new MacBook is cool but now that I realize it is actually less powerful than the current MacBook Air, I'm less interested.  I already have an iPad, so... this doesn't solve any problems for me.  

I think Apple have stumbled badly with launching the Edition watches.  For people to pay luxury prices, there has to be significant brand appeal and differentiation.  When you buy a Maserati it has a golden brand, and it looks and feels differently from other cars.  The Apple brand doesn't stand for luxury, and the Watch Edition is functionality identical to a $350 Watch Sport.  Perhaps Apple should create a new brand entirely for luxury products, like Toyota did with Lexus, and Nokia did with Vertu.  Sell them in different ways, and have different stores or market them via existing luxury retailers.  I'm actually surprised that Angela Ahrendts didn't see this coming.  Or maybe she did, but was overruled by Tim Cook and Jony Ive?  Neither have ever launched a luxury brand before.

Or maybe I'm wrong and the Edition is going to be a huge success :)

Awesome: Astronomers watch a supernova and see reruns.  This is perhaps the most convincing evidence yet for relativity.  Amazing.  (Definitely worth clicking through to watch the video.) 

From esr: Why I won't mourn Mozilla.  "By failing to defend and support Eich, the Mozilla Foundation wronged a man who had every right to expect that he, too, would be judged by his work alone.  They abandoned the hacker way and trashed their own legitimacy. It was a completely unforced error."  I don't know to what extent Mozilla's decline is attributable to this - perhaps Google's Chrome is more responsible - but it definitely didn't help. 

From jwz: Star Trek movies, the ships only.  As suggested click play on all of them at once, to boldly go ... as a wise Vulcan once observed, fascinating \_//-