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Well, the Ducks got crushed.  So be it.  You can't even call it a good game; yeah it was close for a while, but only because the Buckeyes kept giving the ball away.  Oregon couldn't do anything with it, and so it goes...  personally I think they lost when they chose those hideous uniforms.  Their everyday uniforms are perfectly nice, why change to ones which don't even use your school colors for the big game?

Scott "Dilbert" Adams: Corporations vs Countries.  "In my opinion, there is a 100% chance you will see a private corporation go to war with a small country, and win, within twenty years."  Interesting and a rather depressing take; I hope he's wrong. 

The other day I noted some nice reading for the year ahead.  Here's some more: 2015 movie adaptations of books.  You can read them before you watch them :) 

Dave Winer announces good RSS from Twitter.  If you ever want to follow a Twitter feed with RSS, here you go.  Interestingly I think a lot of people would like the opposite, to follow an RSS source like a blog with Twitter. 

As we reminisce about the iPhone launch eight years ago (!), it's interesting to remember that it took three years before iPhones had Copy and Paste, and even longer before they had native Apps.  It didn't keep the iPhone from being successful.  Complexity is not always a good thing. 

Of course this is all relative to the market and the competition.  No phone could be successful today without Copy and Paste, and the perceived lack of apps has hurt Windows Phone adoption even thought the phones themselves have had great reviews.

Interesting: the real story behind Jeff Bezos' Fire Phone debacle.  The phone even has copy and paste, *and* the Android ecosystem behind it.  Yet somehow it did not meet consumers wants or needs. 

Good point: Brad Feld notes Hollywood's Massive Miss on Strong AI.  There seems to be general agreement that Minority Report is the best attempt to predict what "strong AI" will look like.  Other recent attempts like Her, Transcendence, and Lucy do not get close. 

COOL ... Andorra is the hardest Vuelta stage ever.  Says Eusebio Unzio, manager for the Moviestar team.  "Firstly there’s six classified climbs, and that adds up to 5,200 metres of climbing ... But it’s the shortness, too, of the stage, 138 kilometres, which will make it really hard. There’s no time to recover between the climbs at all."  Should be fun to watch!