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Thursday,  12/25/14  01:01 PM

Catching up with recent events ... a quiet time of the year :) ...

Love this: Man controls two prosthetic arms with his mind.  This technology is amazing to help those who are handicapped of course, but someday it will be available to all of us, and seamless integration of external devices into our nerves will seem commonplace.  USB 8.0 :) 

Seth Goden wonders who let the air our of the balloon?  "The market has been offered infinity. Instead of a narrow, scarce selection of hits, those that consume media can have all of it, all the time. The long tail plus bite-sized pieces plus constant snacking."  It's pretty interesting how much things have changed over the past 10 years.  The first 10 years of the internet concentrated everything, but the next 10 years blew it all apart.  And now we have mobile devices... 

Apropos to a quiet week ahead, Philip Greenspun shares his reading listDept. of Speculation looks intriguing!  Oh, and to this list please add John Scalzi's Lock-in

Remembering the last Victorian Leviathan Steam Ship.  "The Great Eastern was built in 1858, and was capable of bringing 4,000 people around the world without ever once needing to refuel."  Amazing.  This is a great time to be alive, but I regret missing the golden age of ships.  Maybe someday we'll have space ships just like them! 

John Gruber shares the perfect thought for Christmas: Merry.