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Saturday,  11/16/13  02:43 PM

blog cleaning!A nice quiet Saturday, with nothing to do but code, 3D print, read, and maybe watch football.  Too cold for riding or sailing or even kayaking, and not rainy enough for the perverse fun of doing any of those things in the rain.  So.

Time for blogcleaning.

First to go, categories.  I've never been big on categories, only ever had Cycling, The Book, Software, and Philosophy.  But I never use them, and more importantly you never use them, so poof, gone.  Semantic labeling is an idea which never caught.  For a few years I was keeping track of Cycling by year, and I converted those indices to blog posts.

Next to go, Blog Roulette.  This was a vestige of my Blogroll, which has long since gone.  It was a cute idea, to highlight other blogs which visitors might like because I like them, but nobody ever actually uses them, so poof, gone.  Blogrolls are an idea whose time came and went.

I've kept Greatest Hits, my ego won't let them go.  And people do click through them.  Not often (!) but often enough.

I've debated the "this date in" links, and Flight.  Honestly few people use them, myself included.  But I do every once in a while, and having them handy is kinda fun.  They're in for now.

I am of course keeping the Archive, which do this day I consider my greatest blogging innovation.  All blogs should have such an archive, maybe someday they will, and mine does now.

I've also done some other behind-the-scenes cleaning, pruning lots of old crap.  You won't see the results of this (hopefully) but I do already, and it feels good, kind of like watching a dumpster full of trash get hauled away. 

Onward.  Time to send out Holiday Party invitations :)


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