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Tuesday,  07/12/11  07:41 PM

guess what this is?Just got back from a hard ride, so it must be time ... filter pass!

See that bike over there to the right?  Guess what that is?  Yes you are right, that is my next bike.  Stay tuned :)

Once again, Paul Ryan takes on Obama.

Amazon's CTO Werner Vogels on the Facebook / MySQL non-controversy: "scaling data systems in real life has humbled me. I would not dare criticize an architecture that the holds social graphs of 750M and works."  Exactly.

TechCrunch logoRedesigning TechCrunch.  Blech.  Naval gazing raised to the third power.  The logo is fine, but making such a big deal out of it isn't...

Way cool: how Leica lenses are made.  Amazingly it is still a pretty manual process.

3D-printed toolsThe progress made by 3D printing technology is amazing; here we have 3D-printed tools!  It is amazing that the parts can be interleaved in three dimensions.  And colored too!

An open letter: save the James Webb space telescope!  Join Votizen and sign the petition today.  (I like Votizen a lot, what a cool concept...)  [ via LGF ]

map of America as seen by a New Yorker :)A map of America as seen by New Yorker.  Some of this rings so true...  I love it :)

So I was wondering about whether I should use Google+?  Eric Raymond is planning to use it for microblogging.  Well that's all very exciting, we'll see whether it sticks.  Mostly when people tried to use Twitter for that, they tried it but eventually went back.

Dutch powerplant clad in Delft Blau tilesWell I had to link this: a Dutch powerplant completely clad in Delft Blau tiles.  Awesome!

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