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Tuesday,  06/07/11  08:23 PM

breathe deepWhew, what a weekend ... week .. period of time.  Friday all was calm, then Saturday 200K ride + red eye, Sunday attend ASCO conference and fly home, Monday drive down to Vista (long day), and today ... Meg's award breakfast, and catching my breath ... and blogging!

By the way now I can tell you, I am planning to take off the entire summer.  Twelve weeks.  Details to follow :)

Steve Jobs announces iCloudDid you follow the iCloud Jobsnote yesterday?  I was *busy* all day, but I did make time to watch it a little ago.  Not a classic - and Steve himself didn't do a lot of it - but some interesting stuff was announced.  This shift of "the truth" from your desktop to the web has been happening gradually, and I'm glad to see Apple is getting on board.  They track record with online services is a bit spotty, so we'll see how well they do.

I have updated my Jobsnotes of note scoreboard with this one :)

Here's Engadget's liveblog, if you want a summary of the announcements...

BTW I did think the IOS 5 enhancements quite worthwhile, especially making taking a picture easier.  I am going to use the heck out of that.  And the notification redesign is a much-needed improvement, now looks and acts a lot like HP / Palm webOS...

Apple has been on a roll lately, but there was a time when people were writing articles about how they were already dead.  Same for Amazon.  I thought this was interesting... Jeff Bezos on innovation at Amazon.  They definitely take the long view, and so do Apple.  Of course you have to stay alive long enough to see the long view happen :)

space shuttle docked at International Space StationThis looks like a scene from a movie, (a really cool movie): space shuttle docked at International Space Station, with Earth in the background.  This was taken by an Italian astronaut in a Russian space capsule.  Wow.

Watson wows doctors.  First Jeopardy, now medicine.  Excellent.

Algorithms are the new medical tests.  Especially true in pathology; this is one of the key drivers for adoption of Aperio's digital pathology technology :)

Hipmunk: all about the UI.  You got that right.  I have switched completely from using Kayak to find flights to using Hipmunk, and the UI is the only reason.  It shows flights the way you want to see them so you can easily pick the right one.

ZooBorn: A Grevy's Zebra foalZooBorn of the weekend: A Grevy's Zebra foal.  Awww.

What's ahead: tomorrow Megan graduates Middle School, Thursday Alexis graduates High School, and Saturday I leave for Europe for a week.  Whew!  Stay tuned :)

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