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Ojai Valley 200K

Saturday,  06/04/11  11:34 PM

Today I rode the Ojai Valley 200K, a great ride I've done a number of times before.  I'm starting to get into better shape, finally ... during the past year I've worked out a lot so my cardio fitness is fine, but I haven't ridden as much, so my riding fitness has been off.  I'm stronger but have less endurance.  But I'm getting better; today's ride began with a 15 mile ascent to the top of Mount Rose, and I crushed it; powered right up, and felt great blasting down.  Excellent.

The highlight of today's ride was a visit to my friends Kevin & Cynthia in Montecito.  Every time I do this ride I think "man, I'm riding right by their house, I should have told them".  So this time, I didn't tell them, I just rode to their front door and rang the bell.

Of possible interest, here are a few pictures:

the route: 200K (128 miles), 8,900' of climbing, 8:14 riding time
check out the profile; this is basically a "flat" century with a monster climb tacked on the front :)

my mighty steed is ready
(with a borrowed back wheel - mine needs a new spoke)

powering up Mount Rose

the view back down is wonderful

this view of Lake Casitas is always one of the highlights of the ride

polo, anyone?

it's always delightful riding on the 101; traffic to the left, ocean to the right

Rincon Beach

descending into the Ojai Valley
yes, it is rainy-ing


BTW I'm blogging this on a plane to Chicago; taking a red eye so I can attend the ASCO conference tomorrow, and then flying back tomorrow night so I can drive down to Vista Monday morning.  Just in case you didn't think I was crazy, consider this hard evidence that I am :)

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