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Sunday,  03/27/11  10:46 PM

Whew, a long weekend in which I worked most of it in the land of 1s and 0s, productively, heads down on an interesting project.  What could be better than that...  throw in some decent movies (The American was great!) and some nice dinners, some good wine, and especially some interesting conversations with my daughters, and it couldn't have been much better.

I have rediscovered two things; first, break big projects into little ones, and make steady progress, and second, listen to [the right] music for inspiration.  Wonderful :)

So ... I setup a new blog, SecondBlog, for Aperio's awesome SecondSlide service, along with a Twitter stream and a Facebook page.  And I linked it to Aperio's main blog The Daily Scan, which also has a Twitter stream and a Facebook page.  That was all pretty cool... 

If you're an admin for Facebook pages, check out RSS Graffiti.  The perfect Facebook app for pulling RSS feeds from blogs onto your wall or pages.  Just works, no muss, no fuss.  And even works around that bogus bug where Facebook links no longer have thumbnails.  Yippee.

So I can find it later: Anatomy of a Facebook post.

The piling on continues: iPhone App Store review of Color.  "Color is a ground breaking new entry in the new genre of MMPRLMG (multi-player real-live marketing games)."  If Color manages to succeed after this sort of start, it will be remarkable.  We haven't had a starting line face plant like this for a long time. 

So, are we having a tech bubble?  The NYTimes says let's see if it pops...  seems to me a bubble is more of an attitude than anything else; the companies with big valuations right now are "real", in the sense that they're profitable, unlike some of the companies back in 1999.  LinkedIn is not pets.com

This is funny: you can tell it's a bubble because startups are raising so much money, they can afford vowels

Looks like GE might be the company from Atlas Shrugged.  Wow.  This is some scary reading. 

This is awesome: pianist Keith Jarrett, from a 1984 concert in Tokyo.  Wow. 

Long ago, while working on the outline for Unnatural Selection, I conceived of a chapter called The Piano Player, which would make the point that with worldwide communication at the speed of light everyone competes with the absolute best.  200 years ago you might have been a decent piano player, celebrated as the best in your little town; now, you are compared against Keith Jarrett. 

So, is this a moat or a castle?  Google teams with Mastercard and Citigroup for NFC payments.  I think they think it's a moat, but they're going to lose to people who treat it as their castle.  Payments are tricky, and you need customer service and sophisticated fraud analysis to win. 

It has been two weeks since my sad / happy / weird day.  Things are still a strange combination of sad and happy and weird.  Onward!