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Sunday,  03/13/11  05:13 PM

Today was a sad day; it began with a phone call telling us that Shirley's Mom has passed away.  Some of you know she has been ill and this was not unexpected.  She lived a full wonderful life and died peacefully in her home, with her family.  It is a blessed release, but still sad for all of us.  I think we don't know how to feel yet.

"penguins" - Daniel JacobyAnd today was a sadder day because I looked at my calendar and realized it is the seventh anniversary of my friend Daniel Jacoby's death.  That was good for some chills and some tears, because unlike Shirley's Mom, Daniel did not live a full wonderful life; he was taken from us too soon, despite having accomplished much and influenced many.

At right: "penguins", taken by Daniel.

And today was a happy day, because we had brunch with our girls, and it was the usual laughing joking teasing full-of-life full-of-energy experience.  We talked about Shirley's Mom, and remembered the good stuff.  And we talked about Shirley's Dad, who we lost ten years ago - also after a full wonderful life.  And I felt good about how, in the end, the greatest influence any of us have on the world is through our children, and how we have these great kids.

And today was also a happy day because later privately I reflected on Daniel.  I'm reminded vividly of the discussions we had back in 1995, when Daniel was part of spinning Digital Insight out of XP Systems.  And further back, of Daniel's friendship when I got divorced in 1991.  My enduring memories of Daniel are so positive, his spirit is ever present in me.

Today was a weird day.

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